Peace Fest Campout 2014 Photos

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Coming to an intersection with empty fields on all sides, hidden in farmland, at first you’d think there was nothing there until you come across a humble looking cottage accepting admission and guiding traffic. Peace Fest was definitely going on and drawing in the campers. The staff was serious, calm and professional, as well as Big Js Kitchenette with their Spiral Spuds. Peace Fest offered a nice choice of local Jam Bandz and Digital Jockeys both on two separate stages for each genre. Acrobatics, Fire Poi, Flow toy, Hoopers, Fire Breathers, Yoga, Projectors, Lazerz, and most importantly Hammocks.
The event was headed by both Lauralee who was attending the Gate and General Peace who was organizing inside. GP said “the spot was great for being hard to find and that he would like to do it again next year since the people were the best”.
The music was well managed; both stages were comfortable and the camping too was tribal as it looked out to the stages not so far away. Mother Nature was in favor of making sure no storm passed through and providing enough shades from the clouds here and there to not burn everyone during the day. On a personal note I definitely got to enjoy the sounds of Ota Benga, Vision, and BassdoctoRx with After Dark Lighting’s awesome visuals. Oh yeah! The FIRE! Really got to enjoy the FIRE.
All in all Peace Fest got good feedback, had a very chilled mellow crowd and added some great photos on RedRoll.

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