Let’s Get Together at Home

by Julia Colasanti
#TogetherAtHome is possibly the most inspiring initiative to rise from the ashes of this dark time. The partnership between WHO and Global Citizen, an organization using music to drive world poverty relief, has brought fans into the homes of their favorite musical artists for intimate, virtual concerts. The concerts have featured big names like Jack […]

Twitch Aid to the Rescue

by Darlene Leal
In moments of darkness, it is always nice to see light radiate from the depths. Several artists along with the streaming website “Twitch” have come together to fundraise two million dollars to go towards the COVID-19 Response Fund. The stream took place on the 28th of March. It streamed for about twelve hours, from 9 […]

Quarantine Things

by Eric Hendrix
The spread of Covid-19 has been classified as a pandemic, we have seen the steps taken over the last couple of weeks to try and contain it. One of the major steps taken in Chicago, and other places across the world, is the Shelter-in-Place rules. These rules are basically encouraging citizens to stay indoors to […]

Stream This Virtual Festival Now!

by Mallory Dwortz
Here in dreary little Michigan, there is a live, virtual festival happening to support artists. Created and organized by the Michigan Music Alliance, this fundraising effort will give all resulting proceeds to the Michigan Artist Relief Fund! According to an interview of the director of the Michigan Music Alliance on Woodtv, continuous music is available […]

How Artists Are Handling Covid-19

by Mickayla Whitt
With COVID-19 sweeping across the globe right now, many artists had to cancel shows in the middle of tours as well as upcoming tours. With these cancellations, it sadly means touring artists cannot do their jobs. There are a few simple solutions that touring crew members have begun. Numerous bands have been doing live streams […]

Musicians of Twitch

by Jackson Red
If you’re as out of touch as I am, you may have been under the impression that Twitch, the live streaming service, is primarily for teenagers watching each other play Fortnight. But, as I’ve recently become aware, the Twitch community is actually incredibly diverse, and not only is the music community especially active, but, especially […]