Creators of TikTok Introduce Music Streaming Service, “Resso”

by Mari Rose
After the great Vine shutdown of January 2017, audiences everywhere yearned for its return. Three years later, its creators are back with Byte, a new video looping app that “celebrates life, community, and pure creativity,” its app’s description reads. “Nostalgia is our starting point, but where we go next is up to you.” This news, […]

Valee: A New Wave of Music

by Eric Hendrix
Music is not limited to a specific area or region, but it does frequently show up in certain places. Right now, the R&B world is using Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and LA as models in the making of music. One of the most unique sounds I’ve heard in rap comes from local Chicago rapper, Valee. […]

Family Business (SiR & D Smoke)

by Eric Hendrix
The new year has ushered in a season of music and with awards shows being just around the corner, it gets a little easier to overlook 2019. Two people that shouldn’t be overlooked when reviewing 2019 music are SiR and his older brother D Smoke. SiR is an Inglewood, CA based singer-songwriter, and producer signed […]

What Circles Can Teach Us About Elegantly Navigating the Posthumous Release (Or, Skills We Wish We Didn’t Need)

by Jackson Red
The recent release of Mac Miller’s album Circles meant a lot of things to a lot of people: a bittersweet farewell from an icon, a poetic sense of closure in his discography, and, on the most basic level, who doesn’t welcome new music from a long-beloved artist? On a less personal level, it also carries […]

Billy Raffoul Reminds Us, “It’s a Beautiful Life”

by Julia Colasanti
Press play, lean in close and let Billy Raffoul whisper his new single into your soul, “It’s a Beautiful Life.” The rhythm bounces on the piano keys and reaches inside your heart, opening it to the rush of joy that comes with a refreshed perspective. Each pulse is light, dancing weightless like dust circling through […]

Five Chicago Concerts to Check out This February

by Sarah Roberts
Beat the winter blues this February by jamming out at one of these concerts! February 1: Deadmau5 Hailing from Canada, this EDM artist started in 1998 with three self-released albums. His first studio album, “Get Scraped” was released in 2005 with the Zoolook. Over the years, Deadmau5 released a total of six albums, the most […]