Stream Clairo’s, ‘Sling’ mini review and inside the album

Sling, the latest Clairo release, is now available for streaming. As of July 16th, the Georgia native’s new gentle indie creation was released into the wild world of hungry music-listeners. It’s been some time since her last project; 2018 and 2019 proved to be busy years for the young performer, releasing an album as well as a slew of singles—many of which are still heavily trafficked on my calming playlists.

This new album continues Claire Cottrill’s tradition of a soothing, friendly, and somehow familiar sound. I’ve been playing Sling for the better part of the morning, and I still can’t tell how many times I’ve listened all the way through. I’m not sure what that really says about the music itself, but each song has a comforting presence that oozes right into the next, creating an effortless loop of delicate vocals and airy instrumentals. Cozily introspective, Sling looks back on Cottrill’s rapid rise to fame—unpacking regrets, unpleasant truths, and settling into life in an industry where, sometimes, you don’t even feel real. Like many of us, she found comfort in caring for another—her dog, Joanie. Read more about Clairo’s process, her inspiration, and dive deeper into the meaning behind some of the songs featured on Sling in this Rolling Stone article.

Start listening below:

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