Chevelle Is Back With “Self Destructor” and Niratias

Niratias will be released March 5. Pre-order here.

Chevelle, which is now made up of brothers Pete and Sam Loeffler, is back with their ninth studio album. The first single from Niratias is called “Self destructor,” which was written back in 2019, but could easily be mistaken as a reference of the pandemic and the very obvious divide between the believers and non-believers of science.

“You aren’t at all right // Ten million other lives // Well it’s to much to lose
// It’s time, or self destruct // They don’t care what the science says // They don’t want to talk // Cuz this time ready or not, This time you fought us all
// Cuz time you aren’t at all right, You aren’t at all right// Ten million other lives //How can we save //And how in this time //The lessons we learned
//To rescue the mind before it’s gone //Well it’s to much to lose
// It’s time, or self destruct // They don’t care what the science says
// They don’t want to talk… // Cuz this time ready or not, This time you fought us all //Cuz this time your doubling down, //This time you’ll work alone //Cuz time you aren’t at all, // It’s like war

Chevelle’s “Self destructor


Self destructor” sounds like a Chevelle song. There hasn’t been much change or growth in their sound, but it is consistent. That being said, they are just as aggressive and heavy as they’ve always been. There is no disappointment there.

It opens with a guitar riff that builds up to a good chorus. Pete Loeffler’s voice is melodic, yet layered with his pulsing screams and aggressive approach. The songs ends with an unexpected soft piano and a lingering ambiance. The song is a six minute rollercoaster ride of uneasiness and uncertainty as they explore their anger and frustrations. The only real criticism is the repetitiveness of the chorus and verses and how long it went on before switching up. Despite that small criticism, the song was still thoroughly enjoyable.

If you like grungy, sludgy, riff-heavy rock then put Chevelle in your radar and look out for Niratias on March 5.

Chevelle discusses the theme(s) of Niratias and the new music to come.

Stream “Self destructor” here:


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  1. Darlene,

    Well-written and informative article about the new chevelle single. I wasn’t even sure there were people still writing reviews about bands like chevelle in “hot of the press” fashion as soon as something debuts. My prediction about the demise of the world remains in tact, we’re still strapped to a sinking ship, but after I see things like your article here, I start daydreaming that our watery grave might just be sub-tropical temperature instead of the sub-arctic that I once believed it to be.

    Have you been a chevelle fan for a while? Have you had a chance to see them live?

    1. Thank you! Appreciate the feedback. I love Chevelle and was excited to see that they were coming back with another album. I was actually surprised that there wasn’t much talk on it, so I figured it’d be a good idea to put it out there for any old fans (and possible new ones). Hopefully the album doesn’t disappoint!

      Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see them. I’d love to once we’re able to! Have you been able to see them live? If so, what did you think? And I’ve been a fan for years now. I’m assuming the same can be said about yourself.

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