Zeds Dead Catching Z’s Remixes: “i think you’re cool” and “lost birds”

This week, the powerhouse electronic duo known as Zeds Dead released a new pack of remixes to accompany the 2021 Catching Z’s album. A multi-layered album of mesmerizing vibrations and melodies, this latest Zeds Dead project speaks to a different side of this dynamic duo’s talents—reaching into a deeper, heavier place from which these otherworldly sounds emerge.

Now, the group has partnered with several other rising artists, dropping remixes to the songs, “i think you’re cool” and “lost birds.” Those featured include IMANU, QUIET BISON, Pocket, and A-BO. These reimagined versions of songs from Catching Z’s capture the wealth of talent festering within each artist’s fingertips—crawling beneath their skin with an electrical intensity released through Zeds Dead’s latest collection of remixes. Give these versions a listen.

i think you’re cool

A softer, emotional song highlighting Jenna Pemkowski’s smooth vocals, “i think you’re cool” is one of thirteen hypnotizing beats from Catching Z’s. Remixed by both IMANU x QUIET BISON and Pocket, the song is now taken on a whole new journey—its emotional roots not abandoned, but rather morphed and melted to fill newfound space implanted by the creativity of these other artists. 

“’Cause these days I feel like I can’t win

Seems like everybody wants a piece of something

But you just want my love

You think that’s enough

And I think it’s cool that you care

I think it’s cool that you care

I think it’s cool to care”

(full lyrics here)

The remix by IMANU x QUIET BISON takes this soft song down a darker path of sharp sounds and abrupt turns. Slightly sped up and layered with sometimes mechanical-sounding musings, the emotionally rich lyrics and Jenna Pemkowski’s lullaby-esque vocals crash up against IMANU and QUIET BISON’s concoction of contorting sounds.


Pocket’s remix picks up the pace even more, speeding up the lyrics and underlying beat to impart a fresh feel to this song. It has a head-bobbing effect—one that lifts your chin and sways your shoulders as Pocket’s sparkling sounds wash over you.


lost birds

The original version of “lost birds” harbors a sort of twinkle—fluttering bursts of vibrant sounds and an undeniable energy. Elliot Moss’ gentle, airy voice narrates the song’s path as it bounces across carefully placed beats. A-BO’s remix shifts from Zeds Dead’s first version, adding a house influence and dance-worthy flair.

“I was a bird lost in a storm

Far away from home with no idea where I’ve flown

You go your way and I’ll go mine

You’d only slow me down, you’d only slow me down”

(full lyrics here)

Listen to the remixes here!

The full Catching Z’s album

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