Deadmau5 Throws Fresh, Anxious to Meditative Sounds on Netflix Thriller, “Polar”

It’s not everyday that we hear of a progressive house genre-based artist entirely scoring an upcoming movie. With all improbabilities aside, today Deadmau5 released his latest soundtrack, “Polar (Music from the Netflix Film).”

The album contains an innovative set of 13 songs, ranging from beats that are “noisy, to warm and melodic,” according to Deadmau5 during his most recent Billboard interview, Joel Zimmerman a.k.a. Deadmau5, discloses to Billboard that he has had “longtime ambitions to compose film scores.”

However, the blandness of basic action films have over-time bored him, “complicating” his aspirations. Yet with this new violently fashionable film, Zimmerman has found exactly what he’s been waiting for to expand his atmosphere of inventiveness.

As a supreme figure in electronic dance music, it makes sense as to why Deadmau5 was selected to compose music for this intensely-hyper movie. The man behind the scenes, Swedish filmmaker Jonas Åkerlund, confesses to Billboard why he was immensely drawn to incorporate Deadmau5 into his project. He states,

“I was sure he could deliver the emotional beats I needed for the film… the music is in the forefront in this movie. There’s moments where it’s driving the film. He did a great job.”

With constant movement, action and suspense, a route towards beats with a similar sensation was a more-than clever way to go. When configuring the emotional appeals for a movie, it is vital to connect the atmosphere with the impressions of the audience; “Polar” achieves just that with this visionary soundtrack.

As an EDM enthusiast myself, I find it reassuring when I hear a vast amount of rage-worthy sounds within a motion picture. According to, these are the “10 Best EDM-Fueled Movie Soundtracks”

10. Blade
9. Run Lola Run
8. The Saint
7. Trainspotting
6. Midnight Express
5. Human Traffic
4. The Jackal
3. Pi
2. Tron: Legacy
1. Hackers

Stream Polar below and let us know what you think!


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