Pitchfork Music Festival 2020 at Union Park in Chicago.

Pitchfork Music Festival 2020 and Its Stale Headliners

by carolinepejcinovic
Pitchfork Music Festival announced its 2020 lineup with a myriad of genres, names, and throwbacks for its 15th anniversary. Headlining the three-day festival starting Friday, July 17 are the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, followed by Run the Jewels on Saturday, July 18, and leaving The National to close out on Sunday, July 19. The trio of […]

Hollywood Undead Builds a “New Empire”

by Darlene Leal
After forming in 2005, Hollywood Undead has gone through a recent metamorphosis in regards to their image and lyrics. For their sixth full-length album they wanted to demonstrate that evolution, titling the album “New Empire, Vol. 1.” “On this album, we tried to pretend we had never made a record before. We made a concerted […]

Doin’ It With Tame Impala on Valentine’s Day

by Mallory Dwortz
No matter your ~relationship status~, with the new Tame Impala album drop at midnight on the 14, listeners far and wide were able to kick back with some new music. Thanks to Kevin Parker, everyone had plans on Valentine’s Day (or maybe you listened right at midnight, what do I know)! After a slew of […]

Welcome to the Year of Chicago Music

by Julia Colasanti
Chicago. Where blues float heavy with each gust of wind and if you listen closely, you can hear whispers of Muddy Waters wash over the pavement. A city that raised entire generations on the meaty soul plucked from a cello during a jazz rift and punched fissures into the sidewalk to mirror the crackle of […]

Check out These Five Movies and Their Incredible Soundtracks

by marissabachrach
In the midst of the Midwestern winter most of us are experiencing, it doesn’t seem uncommon for weekends and days off to be spent inside binging Netflix. I have definitely been finding myself staying in for movie nights way more often, and I’ve found myself more intrigued by scores and soundtracks than usual. It started […]

Everything, Everywhere – The Concert Tour You Didn’t Know You Needed

by Sarah Roberts
AJR, Quinn XCII and Hobo Johnson announced their North American Tour, Everything Everywhere, for the summer. Starting July 21, the three artists will start in Texas and cross the country until the tour ends August 23 in Washington. The Lovemakers and Ashe will be on the tour as well. AJR consists of three brothers, Jack, […]

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