How Artists Are Helping

by Jackson Red
Celebrities, they’re just like us: outraged. Musicians across the country took to streets and social media last week to advocate action in the wake of George Floyd’s death. For journalistic objectivity reasons, these are not suggestions. Sign Beyoncé posted a video explaining her outrage and urging followers to sign any of the petitions linked below. […]

New Miniature Tigers!

by Mallory Dwortz
The indie-pop-synth band known for producing ’80s infused gems just released a new single, and it’s definitely worth a listen (or 10). Charlie Brand, Rick Schaier, Algernon Quashie, and Brandon Lee came together to give us some more new music to get us through quarantine. The Miniature Tigers’ new song, “Lavender Boombox,” is now available […]

PTSD in Chicago

by Eric Hendrix
This past Friday, G Herbo released the Deluxe version of his album, PTSD. This deluxe included an extra 14 songs to add to the original 14. The making of a deluxe album isn’t a new practice. In fact, it is an often used tool of the artist because it can help generate more streams or […]

Joyce Manor Releases New Album

by Mickayla Whitt
After two years of not releasing any music, the California rock band Joyce Manor released Songs from Northern Torrance, a 10 track album that only runs 15 minutes in length. The band throws it back to their roots with a DIY sound and heavy instrumentals from the late 2000s In regards to what the band […]

Killer Mike and El-P to Release “Run the Jewels 4” for Free

by Darlene Leal
Killer Mike and El-P of Run The Jewels have recently announced that their new album, Run The Jewels 4, will be released for free. The album is dated to release on June 6. El-P expressed the tone of the album at the beginning of his statement. “I don’t have sh*t left to say right now […]

Bassnectar Draws Focus Away From Album Release to Use His Platform for Social Justice

by Mallory Dwortz
Police brutality and racism in America have once again been catapulted to the foreground as cities are torn to pieces over the murder of George Floyd. Musicians are jumping in, using their large followings to show support and direct our attention to the deep, systemic issues rooted in our society’s foundation. Over the last few […]

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