Datsik @ Canopy Club 2/2 Photos & Review

Hundreds of headbangers flocked to Urbana, IL for a sold-out Datsik concert on February 2nd. As the bass began to tremble at the Canopy Club, German DJ Virtual Riot played as the masses began to fill the intimate venue.

Following Virtual Riot came an ecstatic DJ Crizzly. The music and crowd grew louder in anticipation for the headliner, Datsik. Crizzly got the crowd jumping with his famous “Chain Hang Low” remix, while also letting the crowd reminisce to 2006.

© Ethan James Rivera & Red Roll

Following a brief intermission, the crowd’s energy and excitement grew so thick it seemed like it could have been cut with a knife.

Datsik is no stranger to over-the-top sound and stage designs, and this show was definitely no exception. Last tour, Datsik had a 100,000 watt sound system by PK and stood inside a literal LED vortex.

Datsik wore his ninja outfit on stage to fit the “Ninja Nation” theme of his 2017 tour. As the lights turned off, cheers erupted as Datsik took the stage. Opening with his powerful song “Katana”, Canopy Club’s stage was filled with a spectacular display of Shogun Productions design, featuring massive LED panels & lights.

After the last song, the crowd was eager for more, chanting, “One more song“. An encore soon followed, with Datsik playing throwbacks to older albums.

As the night came to a close, the excitement even carried over to the parking lot, as people cheered and sang as they drove off into the night, adding yet another concert to their list of unforgettable shows.


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Photos by Ethan James Rivera.

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