Get Ready For “Planet Her”

by Darlene
“I’ve always wanted to try things. I commend artists who stick to something. It feels pleasing aesthetically and very driven.” After completely owning last year’s music scene, Doja Cat has confirmed to be nearly done with Planet Her. With an estimated release for late summer, she’s got a lot of fans anticipating several new hits. […]

BROCKHAMPTON’s New Album, “ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE” Confronts The Immortality of Systems of Oppressions

by Maddy Ipema
BROCKHAMPTON took a two year hiatus in order to figure out exactly what new sound and message they wanted to convey with their sixth studio album, ”ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE.” The extended timeout and reclusiveness that 2020 ushered in seems to have forced BROCKHAMPTON inherently towards self-discovery, reflection, and self-mastery.  The definition of the […]

Freddie Gibbs Refuses to Remain Unacknowledged in His New Single, “Big Boss Rabbit”

by Maddy Ipema
Freddie Gibbs is stepping into 2021 with a new-found sense of confidence and a profound desire to be acknowledged for the art he has contributed to this generation’s line up of MC’s. From first glance, Freddie Gibbs doesn’t seem like the type of man or artist to have ever struggled with his confidence.  We picture […]

BROCKHAMPTON Drops New Single, “BUZZCUT” Featuring Danny Brown

by Maddy Ipema
“BUZZCUT” is the first single to be released from BROCKHAMPTON’S upcoming sixth  studio album, ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE. The album title alone sets the theme for not only what we can anticipate from the album in the future – but perfectly encompasses and describes what “BUZZCUT” looks like and sounds like as a stand […]

FlySiifu Releases New EP, “$mokebreak”

by Maddy Ipema
FlySiifu have completely abandoned the stereotypical idea of what we picture people conversing about while sharing a joint – filled to the brim with laughter, silly-philosophical revelations about the world being shared. People are either passed out sleeping, or posted up on the couch and locked into its crevices.  FlySiifu were most definitely locked in […]

Noname’s New Track “RAINFOREST” Is an Ode to The Revolutionists

by Maddy Ipema
Rapper, poet, and abolitionist Noname has dropped a brand new track, “RAINFOREST.” The cover art for the single features a sketch of two black activists, protesting and levitating on top of the roof of a car. They stand defiantly, surrounded by a sea of black revolutionists as the city behind them erupts in flames of […]