IAMDDB New Single, “WA’HUM,” Embodies Spiritual Protection

by Maddy Ipema
IAMDD proclaims on the hook of her new single, “WA’HUM,” “SEND ME JUJU AND IT BOUNCE RIGHT BACK” – followed by the sound of an aggressive pack of dogs barking in the background, about to be let off the leash. This is a very different departure from IAMDDB’s usual style and tone that is the […]

Navy Blue Confronts Ancestral Trauma in His New Album, “Song of Sage: Post Panic!”

by Maddy Ipema
This album is a full, poetic monologue of a culmination of ancestral trauma leaking throughout the album and Navy’s blood like a broken pipe.  On the track “Sea Bass,” off of rapper Navy Blue’s new album, Song of Sage: Post Panic! – he raps, “Navy is an artist, and an author, and a poet. For […]

EARTHGANG Drops New Single, “Options,” Featuring Wale

by Maddy Ipema
EARTHGANG has just dropped their brand new single, “Options,” which is the first song featuring Wale since the release of Spilligion – an album by the musical group Spillage Village in which the dynamic hip hop duo are core members. EARTHGANG is a naturally collaborative effort – seeing as Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot gravitate […]

Kid Cudi Releases New Album, “Man On the Moon III: The Chosen”

by Maddy Ipema
Mr. Solo Dolo has been sending the same questions out into the earth, album after album, patiently waiting for an answer like – Am I just chosen to live a life spent in sadness? Kid Cudi has been categorized as an “emo rapper,” but Man On the Moon III: The Chosen sounds anything but a […]

Jada Imani’s New EP “Saline” Is a Plea To Stay Soft in a World So Harsh

by Maddy Ipema
In a cruel world that praises us for being detached, stoic, and cold – Jada is calling for the soft, sensitive, and gentle to rise.  Jada Imani has worked meticulously over the years to not only carve out her own name when it comes to being recognized as an up and coming MC, representing the […]

Tierra Whack’s Two New Singles Are Relinquishing Shame From the Expression of Humanity

by Maddy Ipema
Tierra Whack raps on the new single, “Peppers and Onions” – I’m only human, yeah. I’m not perfect, just a person. Sometimes happy, sometimes nervous.” Whack is an artist who is known and praised for her incredibly imaginative, infectiously energetic, and playful soul that she brings to not only the entire genre of rap but […]