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The Metamorphoses of Maggie Lindemann Through Her “PARANOIA” EP

by Darlene
Maggie Lindemann has evolved from a pop star to an alt-pop artist with a heavy influence from pop-punk, angsty grunge, and metal. “I used to make very predictable pop songs, and I felt that it wasn’t exactly reflecting who I was. I wanted to do something cooler and something that felt more like me. That’s why […]

Ashnikko’s “Demi Devil” – Album Review

by Darlene
The release of DemiDevil has been a rocky one for Ashnikko. Its original release date was pushed back from October 2020 to February 2021 so Ashnikko could put all her love and energy to promoting the album, but that was before a distribution mix-up that led to physical copies being sent out to fans ahead […]

Chevelle Is Back With “Self Destructor” and Niratias

by Darlene
Chevelle, which is now made up of brothers Pete and Sam Loeffler, is back with their ninth studio album. The first single from Niratias is called “Self destructor,” which was written back in 2019, but could easily be mistaken as a reference of the pandemic and the very obvious divide between the believers and non-believers of […]

Albums To Look Forward To In 2021

by Darlene
With no indication of live music making a comeback any time soon, the anticipation is running higher than ever for new albums. Many of our beloved favorites had plenty of time last year to create and channel several emotions about these uncertain times, and from it came several albums to anticipate for in 2021. Ashnikko […]

Week Wrap Up – Little Mix, Jesy Nelson, and Ed Sheeran Updates

by Darlene
End Of An Era It is the end of an era for Little Mix with the departure of Jesy Nelson. On Dec. 14, Little Mix announced that after nine years they will be continuing as a trio and wish Nelson the best. The post continued in its thread with, “We love her very much and […]

Avril Lavigne Is Working on New Music for 2021

by Darlene
With the year soon ending, Avril Lavigne is preparing for her seventh album, AL7. From the photos shared on her Instagram, it seems like she’s working with fellow artist Mod Sun, and producer John Feldmann. There were also some previous rumors that Skrillex might be a possibility for a collaboration either on his next work […]