“333” Is A Look Into Tinashe’s Evolution

“It’s been really crucial in my own understanding of myself to not view myself as underrated, but as someone who absolutely has made an impact and is exactly where I’m meant to be and be comfortable in that.” – Tinashe to

After splitting from RCA, Tinashe is back with her self-released album, 333. 333 further proves why Tinashe continues to maintain her status as a unique and talented artist. It’s beautifully constructed and explores all sorts of genres.

The 16-track album includes musical contributions from Jeremih, Kaytranada, Kaash Paige, Wax Motif, Buddy, Quiet Child, and Kudzai.

The Tracks

“Bouncin’’ and “Pasadena” are the hyper-pop, upbeat and feel-good tracks. They are possibly the catchiest tracks of the album. If you want something to bop your head to, these are the tracks to go straight to, especially “Bouncin.”

I Can See the Future” and “X” are club-ready beats but with a much sexier edge from Tinashe.

“It’s A Wrap,” “333,” and “Angels” all share an ethereal feel. They are much slower and truly display the softness and beauty of Tinashe’s voice.

“I feel like this is an entirely new chapter, honestly, for me, because when I was making music, I think I’ve had a… Definitely a journey in terms of how I viewed myself as the creative, and I think when I first started it was very much like DIY. I was filming everything, all my music videos, myself. I was recording my music in my room. So, like, I had that really raw spirit, that raw energy, and I think that that really created something special and maybe along the way, along the course of my journey, there were definitely times where things or, I guess, events that would make me question that creative voice that kind of always just kind of spoke through me, which is like my instinct and following that. And, getting back to that now with this new music and everything, and just like everything. Feeling so, like, in alignment and just like everything falls into place. It’s so great.” 

Tinashe to Zane Lowe

If you loved the album be sure to be on the look out for a possible deluxe version. On hiphopdx, she confirmed that there are more songs that haven’t been released. With 333 only being forty seven minutes long, I think that a deluxe version is definitely needed and ASAP!

Tinashe is now a free and independent artist and you can tell with the genre-bending in her last two pieces of work. She is re-inventing and reintroducing herself. Be on the look out for Tinashe!

Recommended Tracks

“I Can See The Future,” “Bouncin,” Unconditional,” “Pasadena,” “333,” “Undo,” and “Angels.”

Stream 333 here:

Check out tour details here

On September 16, Tinashe launches her headlining tour.


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