EARTHGANG Drops “Lemon Pepper Freestyle Remix” and Teases Upcoming Album

Drake released his EP, “Scary Hours 2” back in March, one of the three songs being, “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” featuring Rick Ross. The instrumentation of this track consists of a classic Drake beat – soul lyrics flying around in the background, piano keys dancing around the hard snare drums. 

EARTHGANG isn’t usually the type of duo that will take on another artist’s beats and then make it their own. The two MC’s brand themselves off of their authenticity and originality that they bring to the hip-hop genre. However, EARTHGANG has never held back when it comes to shouting out all of the legendary artists that have passed before them and inspired them to be the type of artists they have become. 

In this freestyle alone, EARTHGANG mentions the likes of Tupac, Q-Tip, and the late Mac Miller. Drake is known for his more sensitive, self-reflective side to him that he is able to tap into on a track. EARTHGANG makes no exception, as they use the entirety of the freestyle to reflect on their journey to this point – one of the main themes being grief. 

Johnny Venus on the second verse raps, “Doc called and said I should bare it all. How I been dealin’ with with the passing of my pa. How God seems to always add another straw. Q with me, I can hear it in his calls. We missing Mac but we try to shake it off.”


Since the very beginning, the rap community seems to always be in mourning – in fact, one could argue that rap started as a space that could hold room for both growth and loss. Hidden behind a hard exterior that took time to age like a fossil are their bones that still remember their past trauma. 

Tupac and Q-Tip made this transformation effortlessly, drifting between two very different worlds that they found themselves straddling. They shared bars back and forth like a tennis match. Some of their raps referencing the fame and fortune that they had accumulated – others being a representation of their upbringing in the Ghetto. 

EARTHGANG’s upcoming album title has been known for quite some time now. Although fans were eager for any new material from them, it still had them begging for Ghetto Gods to be released.

This title reveal makes the mentions of these hip-hop icons in this freestyle become the foundation for EARTHGANG’s empire they have built. EARTHGANG is known for not only their inventiveness, but for weaving their spirituality into their music as well. 

Johnny Venus raps, “This industry is flooded with mindless muddles ‘cause lies sell. The ugly truth might not bring in the money. Don’t they know it’s real shit the people want? A pause from the pill pop prescription junk.”

Stream “Lemon Pepper Freestyle Remix” by EARTHGANG and look out for their new album drop!

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