Family Business (SiR & D Smoke)

The new year has ushered in a season of music and with awards shows being just around the corner, it gets a little easier to overlook 2019. Two people that shouldn’t be overlooked when reviewing 2019 music are SiR and his older brother D Smoke.

SiR is an Inglewood, CA based singer-songwriter, and producer signed to Top Dawg Entertainment. He’s been active for sometime but his most recent album, Chasing Summer, is an excellent piece of work that gained him some attention. The album is very slow paced but packed with emotion. SiR explores relationships and the conditions they can and cannot survive in. The album has an array of features from rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Simno to legendary singer Jill Scott.

Moving forward, artists such as SiR and SZA look to be the focus of the R&B section of TDE.

D Smoke is a rapper who also had a big year and happens to be the older brother of SiR. He has been in the music industry for some time and is a rapper of tremendous skill, but he caught a major break this year through the Netflix series Rhythm and Flow. The show was a musical competition being held in different cities in America and judging their local talent. The show was judged by popular artists like Chance the Rapper and Cardi B.

D Smoke showcased his talent and ended up winning the competition and 250,000$. Since he has also released a project called Inglewood High. This family clearly plans on making themselves known in the music industry.

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