Slander Releases Plan for Their Own Space-Themed Festival

The duo recently took to Twitter, teasing plans for their own Melodic Bass Festival once this pandemic comes to a close. So far, all we know about their vision is that it includes an outer space theme, so break out some shiny green spandex and start brainstorming names and additions to the lineup.

Slander wants our help!

On Twitter, they’re asking for fans and artists to step up and get creative! The responses have been staggering. The comments section is riddled with lists of artists that followers would like to see on the lineup, as well as a slew of outer-space-esque festival titles.


If your name reigns supreme, Slander will crown you the proud winner of free passes for life!

Several artists have added to the conversation, bouncing ideas off of each other and getting excited about another bass festival coming onto the electronic scene. The collaborative spirit surrounding this festival-to-be sure does feed my soul the sweet music nutrients I’ll need to get through the rest of summer without concerts. 🙂

Nothing seems to be totally in motion yet, as the world is still patiently waiting for this “new normal” people keep talking about. Who knows what festivals will even look like once next summer rolls around. There will certainly be a lot to consider in the wake of COVID-19. Keep checking back for updates on Slander’s new music festival, and hit reply on Twitter to throw your hat in the ring for those free passes!

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