Sally Sossa Is Coming in Hot From Houston

“Who You Are” turns a promising new leaf for Houston Rapper, Sally Sossa.

Don’t be fooled by the limited content of her Spotify profile- Sally Sossa may be a new face on the Houston scene, but she’s already established herself as a prolific talent. The Houston rapper had a busy 2019, with her mixtape, Life of Sossa, and multiple music videos that racked up thousands of views across Youtube and Worldstar- all of which are now conspicuously absent from the internet. Maybe her new label scheming to make her eligible for Artist of the Year 2020? She has my vote.

Whatever the reason for her mass music exodus. (Probably legal uncertainty in the wake of getting signed. But, if she’s nominated in 2021, I told you so). Her new single, “Who You Are,” is catchy enough to make you forget about it for the moment. It has all the 808s of a summer banger driving an introspective flow full of wistful teen angst. Sossa somehow manages to seem simultaneously exceptional and relatable, her lyrics detailing personal shortcomings and successes with the same honest candor.

“I don’t really know who I am but I made it this far / Now I’m a superstar / So it’s okay to not know who you are,” Sossa raps with the wisdom of someone who has found their place in the world, but doesn’t forget how difficult it was to get there. Listen for yourself below.

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