My Top 8 Artists of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, I’d like to share some artists that released new music throughout the year, and are worth keeping an eye on as we approach the new year.

8. GirlPool

GirlPool has some big things coming in 2019! They are set to release their third album, What Chaos Is Imaginary on Feb 1 of next year. Their single, “Where You Sinkhas been on repeat for me since it’s October release. I’m particularly excited for this album because the duo is changing up their sound with synthesizers added to their indie guitar sound, which Where You Sink gives us a tease of. This band is definitely one to keep an eye on as we approach 2019. Catch them at Lincoln Hall April 18t!

     7. Tom Odell

Tom Odell released his third album, Jubilee Road in October. I’m a complete sucker for a piano, so in my head Odell can do no wrong. Odell’s single, “If You Wanna Love Somebodyhas been a frequent flyer on my playlists since its release in July. It’s a feel-good tune that I think a lot of people can relate to. It’s catchy and fun to sing along to. Accompanied by a chorus of backup singers, the song feels big to me. Having seen him live before, his stage presence is exactly what you would expect from hearing this song. He will also be gracing us with his presence on April 30 at Thalia Hall.

6. Sylvan Esso

Photo: Devin Bohbrink

Sylvan Esso has been blowing up over the last year after the release of What Now in 2017. The duo has been touring since then pretty much, and gave fans a cover of indie-rock artist Califone’s Funeral Singers in September that I absolutely cannot stop listening to. I usually don’t care much for covers, but this one honors the original while giving it a new sound. They teamed up with tour mates Collections of Colonies of Bees to record. Originally an acoustic ballad, the sound given to the song gave it a whole new feel. I’m a fan of the original, so it’s nice to have two versions of it to shamelessly repeat. No tour plans for next year yet, but hopefully new music is on the way!

5. The Wombats

            The Wombats released “Cheetah Tongue” almost a year ago in January and I still have it in heavy rotation. The song is off their fourth album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, which was released in February. Cheetah Tongue is accompanied by an 80’s inspired video involving beans and workouts, which I found pretty entertaining. I think a lot of us can relate to the album by title alone. No US tour dates for next year yet, unfortunately.

4.  Stars

Photo: Devin Bohbrink

Produced by Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene,Are You With Me?” has become one of my favorite Stars songs released to date. Stars is exceptionally great at tackling hard topics in their music such as death. Are You With Me? is a sentimental song that hits you right in the feels. Stars is finishing up their tour now, but will hopefully be giving us more new music this coming year.

3.  Jenn Champion

I was lucky enough to catch Jenn Champion as an opening act for We Were Promised Jetpacks in September, and have listened to Single Rider countless times since then. Champion mixes breakup jams with dance beats, making every song hard not to love. Her vocals blend together with the synthesizer beats so well it’s hard not to get lost. My top song off of the album is, “O.M.B. (I’m All Over It).” So, if you feel like lamenting over your crush but also dancing at the same time, this is a great album to check out.

2. Slender Bodies

Slender Bodies has such a yummy sound that melts over you, and their newest single “King” that was released December 12 does just that! The song was released with the news of a new EP being released this January, and I’m excited. They have a sound similar to Glass Animals, so if they are your jam, Slender Bodies may be up your alley. No tour dates for next year just yet.

1. Bayonne

I have been following Bayonne since the released of his EP in 2015. Bayonne performs all of the pieces to his music himself. He released “Uncertainly Deranged” in early November with news of his sophomore album, Drastic Measures to be released in February with a release party for fans at The Mohawk in Austin. Uncertainly Deranged is certainly my favorite song of 2018. It has a whimsical sound to it that I just cannot get enough of.

There you have it! Check out the songs here:

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