Cami Petyn Launches an Auspicious Music Career With “Static”

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Cami Petyn made her official debut into the music world the other week with her single, “Static.”

The release likely signals a career shift for Petyn, who has already amassed a substantial following thanks to her presence as YouTube personality, “Supreme Banana.” Though the phrase “viral YouTuber turned musician” is sure to strike fear into the hearts of self-proclaimed Real Music Fans (me), Petyn proves that a fame-first career model doesn’t necessarily imply a lack of talent. 

The “Static” instrumentals, penned by producer Ben Cohen, are driven by deep, growling bass and punctuated by a drum track that’s delicate in timbre, but dynamic in rhythm, keeping the song interesting end to end. But the real star of the show is Petyn’s vocals, which reveal the fruits of labor she’s been documenting on her YouTube channel for over a year.

What began as solid, if somewhat generic indie-pop vocals have progressed into formidable pipes that sweep across an impressive range throughout the song. Petyn’s voice has a light, swirling, velvety quality that lands you in a dimly lit smoky jazz bar, and the relaxed confidence in her performance to plant herself firmly center stage, reclining atop the baby grand.

Lyrically, Petyn explores anxiety and guilt, their constrictive grip, and the possibility of escape. The honesty and transparency reflects a genuinity she’s maintained throughout her YouTube career, in which she has not hesitated to broach subjects of insecurity and delicate self-esteem with her fans. 

Though she has mentioned she’s open to signing to a label, Petyn is still currently an independent artist, which makes it’s hard to know exactly when or how new music will be released. But according to her Twitter, “Static” is “just the beginning.” Check out the music video below, and add her to your list of artists to watch in 2020.

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