Down in Louisiana, there is a pile of records at the bottom of a murky pond.

Adam Dale, a 38 year old Pipefitter from Minden, Louisiana is set to debut his first solo album on October 6th.

“Shadowtown” is a rock album which tells a vivid tale of an old urban legend.

Legend has it, back in the 1950s, a local rock radio station in Minden was bought out by an Evangelical preacher.  The preacher felt so strongly against rock music, he tossed the records into a pond upon which the radio station was built.

The “devil’s music” literally rests at the bottom of the pond.

To play into the urban legend, Dale placed transitions between [most of] the songs.  These transitions are voice-recorded advertisements from the preacher.  “I felt [the transitions] were necessary because the first half of the record was flowing really well and in the middle, it got dark.  I wanted to pick [the mood] back up and interject.  Radio stations play one song and another, and the radio hosts come on and talk…so I thought, ‘why not?’,” Dale said.

The sound of the album is diverse and unique.  From country and electronic, to pop and rock.  The lyrical imagery tells a descriptive journey of love, religion and life in a small town.

“Medication” and “Angel of Death” were two songs from which Dale drew influence from both his old band, The American Tragedy, and from his past life experiences.

“Defining the [whole] story for the listener, without them being able to draw their own conclusions ruins the fun of the listening,” Dale said.

Keep an eye out for “Shadowtown” in October!

“Shadowtown” tracklist


  1. Shadowtown
  2. Big Tent Revival
  3. Control
  4. Medication
  5. Grass Fires
  6. Hypothermia
  7. Angel of Death
  8. Project Street Sweeper
  9. Angie’s Head (featuring Hanna Hart)
  10. Paint Road
  11. Crawl
  12. Where the Sun’s Always Setting
  13. Stars Shine Brighter

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