Everything You Need To Know About The Kanye, Deadmau5 Twitter Feud

If you have been on twitter lately, there is a chance you might have seen the back-and-forth between DJ Deadmau5 (AKA Joel Zimmerman) and rapper Kanye West.

Kanye West’s newest album, The Life Of Pablo, which was exclusively released on Tidal, experienced rampant illegal torrenting due to glitches and fans refusing to pay for a subscription to the service. (This information will be handy later on when the tweets start pouring.)

At 7:39 PM on March 1st, Kanye West tweeted the picture below to show off the song he was currently listening to, but in the process Kanye West forgot to close out of his extra internet tabs, which exposed an illegal torrenting website called Pirate Bay opened to a page to illegally download Serum, a $200 beat making program.

2 hours after, Joel called him out, “What the fuck @kanyewest … Can’t afford serum? Dick.”

This caused an uproar in the twittersphere, and Joel Zimmerman began to take jabs at Kanye:

At this point, Joel went to sleep and woke up to a barrage of responses from Kanye:

“# ok very serious question…” said Kanye,

Kanye then took a jab at Mr. Zimmerman for his mouse head resembling Disney’s Mickey/Minnie Mouse:

Joel woke up from his nap and delivered more punches to Kanye:


For now, that’s all of the tweets in this little twitter fight. What do you think? Is Deadmau5 taking this too far, or should Kanye be investigated further for the potential pirating of the software? Let us know in the comments below!

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