Billy Raffoul Reminds Us, “It’s a Beautiful Life”

Press play, lean in close and let Billy Raffoul whisper his new single into your soul, “It’s a Beautiful Life.” The rhythm bounces on the piano keys and reaches inside your heart, opening it to the rush of joy that comes with a refreshed perspective. Each pulse is light, dancing weightless like dust circling through beams of sunlight. The whispers come in slow and quiet, but as fans know, the force of Raffoul’s voice comes not from its volume, but its essence.

“To me it is simple, we needed an angel
There’s no need to let go, this isn’t goodbye.”

With simple words, he paints the depth of death. The gritty pith of his voice brushes each lyric like a gust of wind shaking the air pods out of your ear and putting you right in the studio with Raffoul. Reverberations of his passion echo the joys of a beautiful life to be celebrated, rather than a death built for mourning.

The matching music video takes the viewer onto the stage and invites them to an intimate, candlelit performance that features only the singer and his keyboard. A quiet end card dedicates the song to his late cousin, David Raffoul—a life to be celebrated.

The depth and passion of his performance preview his upcoming tour that kicks off February 28 and runs through April.

Julia Colasanti

A music-obsessed journalist, hungry to dive in on any and all genres.

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