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System of A Down Releases New Music After 15 Years

by Darlene
System of A Down (SOAD) came out of their 15-year hiatus to do what they do best, sing about injustices in the system. Fans did not see this coming, especially after the political back and forth between singer Serj Tankian and drummer John Dolmayan, but here we are! On Friday, the band released two singles, […]

Deftones Might Be Releasing New Album Soon

by Darlene
Deftones recently updated all their social media to a black profile and people are speculating that this could mean a new album. If you visit their official website it is also blacked out with the option to submit your email for any and all updates. The URL also recently became “,” which further hints the […]

Mini-Reviews: “Under The Spell” and “Midnight Reverie”

by Darlene
With the spare time, I’ve found myself deviating from my usual. I tend to listen to the same artists consistently but, I’ve recently plunged myself into the “New Releases for You” category of Spotify for a change. This has not only exposed me to plenty of new artists but also has made the quarantine much […]

Robbie Miller Releases “Bitterness”

by Julia Colasanti
In the rustic nature of the intro, I picture Robbie Miller in an empty space only furnished by a chair, a guitar, and feelings of bitterness spun into an anthem of heartbreak.     The song’s conversational quality amplifies the grit of his voice and message. As the piano joins his harmony, you realize he is […]

Jillian Lake Wants You to “Bleed Baby Bleed”

by Julia Colasanti
Jillian Lake is a Canadian singer on the verge of her big break. She should be gearing up for her big tour and her concert with Billy Raffoul, but in lieu of COVID-19, she’s hunkered down in Alberta, Canada. Between baking excessive pies and twiddling her thumbs, she’s dropping singles to scratch the lonely itch […]

Kenny Rogers Leaves an Ace for Us to Keep

by Julia Colasanti
On March 20, 2020 we lost an icon, Kenny Rogers. I like to think he passed on a warm summer’s evening, on a train bound for nowhere, but alas there is always a suspension of disbelief in the “art mirrors life” theory. The three-time Grammy winner passed away at 81, leaving us with no response […]