Mini-Reviews: “Under The Spell” and “Midnight Reverie”

With the spare time, I’ve found myself deviating from my usual. I tend to listen to the same artists consistently but, I’ve recently plunged myself into the “New Releases for You” category of Spotify for a change. This has not only exposed me to plenty of new artists but also has made the quarantine much more bearable.

Something Leather and Roses & Revolutions both released excellent yet vastly different EPs this past weekend (April 17).

Something Leather’s “Midnight Reverie” is sarcastic, grungy, and raw.

Midnight Reverie” opens with “Trip to the Sun.” It is very much a dark and psychedelic trip of a song. The opening sound is very reminiscent of dial-up internet, a slow yet needed process. From there, we hear the countering and ominous organ, then the twist and turns of the gritty guitar accompanied by Phillie Etta Janes sultry singing. It is a dizzying experience for an opening song but slowly that energy dwindles and becomes more calming as the EP progresses.

Photo taken off their Facebook page.

“The song is a sarcastic take on the Fall of Icarus: it deals with our constant desire to escape from a deadly routine and the fear that pushing too far might consume you. It has a frenetic pace, western B-movie shootout feel and layers of post-punk and psychedelia on top.”

Something Leather describing their single “Trip to the Sun.” Quote provided by Clash Music.

Phillie Etta Jane has a lulling voice, especially in the track, “Midnight Dive.” It is the complete opposite of “Trip to the Sun.” It is hauntingly melancholic, yet extremely calming. If anything, “Midnight Dive” displays the comfort that can be found in Jane’s voice as she discusses the chaos of love and desire. She is brooding but dreamy, much like the drifts in the guitar as it shifts through the ups and downs of the moody pop.

The EP ends with “Down Another One,” another seductive and looming song. The drums pierce like daggers much like the pounds of the guitar. Together, they create a great intensity that only compliments the sounds of Jane’s breathy vocals. The song never loses its momentum despite it not having as much structure as its predecessors.

Stream “Midnight Reverie” here:

“Under the Spell” is everything I needed during this quarantine.

Roses & Revolutions‘ “Under the Spell” is exactly what I needed as a distraction. Her voice is stunning, and her music reminds me of what I’d hear in the background of my favorite cafes. It gives me a sense of normalcy.

It seemed like Alyssa Coco also craved that normalcy from her very own Facebook post as she explained her motivation to drop the album now.

“It feels like a weird time to release new music, but then again, maybe we all need music now more than ever. Either way, our new EP, “Under the Spell” is out now via @nettwerkmusic. This group of songs is a collection of emotions that we experienced over the past year or so. It’s a mix of anxiety, identity crisis, paranoia, hope & everything in between Whether you’re listening on vinyl, at home or streaming on lonely walk, we hope these 6 songs take you out of your reality and into a different world for a bit.”

Roses & Revolutions about their release of “Under the Spell.” Via their Facebook post.

We all need music as a mean of distraction. Music helps us through tough times and Coco herself speaks on that escapism in her second single “Dancing in a Daydream.” The EP was written before the current day issues and was more focused on Coco’s own insecurities and anxieties but it is scarily relevant to what most people feel today.

“Dancing in a Daydream” is about escaping and not wanting to face reality. Its about living in a false reality for so long that it actually starts becoming your new world.”

Roses & Revolutions on their second single. Quote provided by American Song Writers.

“Under the Spell” is undoubtedly a beautiful album. Coco’s voice is captivating in every single of the EP. Every song is a dreamy and likable tune accompanied by the powerhouse that is Coco.

Despite its dreary tone, Coco’s sound is empowering. Coco is powering through her dread and trying to overcome those anxieties and insecurities that plague her thoughts.

Stream “Under the Spell” here:


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