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Hayley Williams Drops Surprise Album, “Flowers for Vases / descansos”

by Darlene
It hasn’t even been a year since her debut album and Hayley Williams decided to unexpectedly drop a new album on us. Flowers for Vases / descansos is a whole new sense of vulnerability and tenderness that wasn’t in Petals For Armor. Flowers for Vases / descansos is an understated tale about the somber acceptance […]

The Metamorphoses of Maggie Lindemann Through Her “PARANOIA” EP

by Darlene
Maggie Lindemann has evolved from a pop star to an alt-pop artist with a heavy influence from pop-punk, angsty grunge, and metal. “I used to make very predictable pop songs, and I felt that it wasn’t exactly reflecting who I was. I wanted to do something cooler and something that felt more like me. That’s why […]

Chevelle Is Back With “Self Destructor” and Niratias

by Darlene
Chevelle, which is now made up of brothers Pete and Sam Loeffler, is back with their ninth studio album. The first single from Niratias is called “Self destructor,” which was written back in 2019, but could easily be mistaken as a reference of the pandemic and the very obvious divide between the believers and non-believers of […]

Summer Albums to Anticipate

by Mickayla Whitt
It’s the middle of summer with little to do due to the current pandemic. One good way to stay entertained is by checking out new music! Here are some albums coming out in July and August! Oliver Tree – Ugly is Beautiful Oliver Tree gained recognition with “Alien Boy” and quickly gained a fanbase. The […]

Royal & The Serpent Ignite a Stylized Freak-Out

by Julia Colasanti
Often in quarantine, I find myself yearning to rage dance naked in the chaos of a hyper-70s living room until the chandelier shatters. Luckily, Royal & The Serpent’s, “Overwhelmed,” shows me I’m not alone. Singer-songwriter Ryan Santiago makes her Atlantic Records debut with a single that pulls you into her ceaseless mind as it spins […]

Bring Me The Horizon Releases Genre-Bending Single

by Mickayla Whitt
Bring Me The Horizon is known for how experimental they’ve been with their genre the past few years and their new song “Parasite Eve” proves that they will continue to do so. Following the release of their experimental album, Music to Listen To…, this song returns the band back to a more vocal sound.  The […]