The Metamorphoses of Maggie Lindemann Through Her “PARANOIA” EP

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Maggie Lindemann has evolved from a pop star to an alt-pop artist with a heavy influence from pop-punk, angsty grunge, and metal.

“I used to make very predictable pop songs, and I felt that it wasn’t exactly reflecting who I was. I wanted to do something cooler and something that felt more like me. That’s why I make a bit more rock and alternative music now. I’m just not a very polished person, and I’m kind of all over the place. I think that just reflects in my music.”

Maggie Lindemann (From ENFNTS Terrible)

PARANOIA” has a very nostalgic early 2000s punk sound.

The “PARANOIA” EP is a balanced combination of guitar riffs, crisp banging of the drums, and angelic choruses. Lindemann sticks to this sound for the most part, but she also shows versatility with the track “GASLIGHT!” It was very reminiscent of the “screamo” scene with its dark melody and heavy hitting instrumental. Its an abrasive and bold track. It definitely takes you by surprise, despite warning you with “turn down the volume, or we’re all gonna go deaf.”

Lindemann also explores her own angst, heartbreak, and isolation with tracks such as, “Loner” and “Crash and Burn.” “Crash and Burn” focuses on a dead relationship, whereas “Loner” boasts about being an independent loner “who likes it that way.”

“I’ve often felt lonely in life and in my career. I just sometimes feel that I can’t relate to anyone and that no one is like me. I have a hard time finding friends and felt like a loner. I know a lot of people can relate to that because they don’t have friends or have difficulties in making friends. I want people to know that it’s a universal thing and many people feel like that.”

Maggie Lindemann (From ENFNTS Terrible)

This was an excellent personal introduction to Maggie Lindemann. She’s flexible, in a chameleon type of way. She can blend in several sounds, assert herself into new genres, and explore them to her liking.

Favorite Tracks:

“Loner,” “GASLIGHT!,” and “Knife Under My Pillow.”

Stream “PARANOIA” here:
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