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Evanescence Delivers “The Bitter Truth”

by Darlene
The entire album making process was documented and named Evanescence: Embracing The Bitter Truth. It can be found at The Coda Collection. It’s almost been two decades since Evanescence released Fallen, and the angsty staples, “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal.” But now, Amy Lee is back, and she’s got a lot to get […]

Middle Kids – “Today We’re The Greatest”

by Darlene
The Australian trio, Middle Kids, returned with their sophomore album, Today We’re The Greatest. The album is a montage of the best moments of their lives as they explore their past and anticipate their future. The album was primarily written during Hannah Joy’s pregnancy and it encompasses those experiences from before, during, and after the […]

Chase Atlantic’s “Beauty In Death” – Album Review

by Darlene
Like many other artists, Chase Atlantic found themselves forced to take a break from the touring life and buckle down as the craziness of COVID-19 settled in. With that down time, the trio decided to work on their third album from the comfort of their home studio. Beauty In Death Chase Atlantic is an expert […]

Hayley Williams Drops Surprise Album, “Flowers for Vases / descansos”

by Darlene
It hasn’t even been a year since her debut album and Hayley Williams decided to unexpectedly drop a new album on us. Flowers for Vases / descansos is a whole new sense of vulnerability and tenderness that wasn’t in Petals For Armor. Flowers for Vases / descansos is an understated tale about the somber acceptance […]

The Metamorphoses of Maggie Lindemann Through Her “PARANOIA” EP

by Darlene
Maggie Lindemann has evolved from a pop star to an alt-pop artist with a heavy influence from pop-punk, angsty grunge, and metal. “I used to make very predictable pop songs, and I felt that it wasn’t exactly reflecting who I was. I wanted to do something cooler and something that felt more like me. That’s why […]

Ashnikko’s “Demi Devil” – Album Review

by Darlene
The release of DemiDevil has been a rocky one for Ashnikko. Its original release date was pushed back from October 2020 to February 2021 so Ashnikko could put all her love and energy to promoting the album, but that was before a distribution mix-up that led to physical copies being sent out to fans ahead […]