Ookay, Elohim, and Flux Pavilion Collab, “Be Ok,” Out Now!

“Be Ok” is a star-studded collaboration between three major players in the electronic music space. Ookay, Elohim, and Flux Pavilion joined forces to create an energetic single with enough brightness to lift all of our spirits—at least for those fleeting three minutes and four seconds. “After a year of change and discomfort, the world can use a song about hope.” Ookay posted on Twitter while promoting the new single. “Collabed with some of my favorite people,” tweeted Elohim, tagging Ookay and Flux Pavilion. That level of joy and respect is palpable in this new collaboration. It’s a tune to lift listeners out of a disoriented slump, and into a positive future—even if that future only lasts for the duration of the song.

Upbeat and breezy, this summer jam has an optimistic, windows-down kind of sound. “I just wanna be ok.” it says, “Everything’s gonna be ok.” As the head-bobbing beat builds, these three powerhouse artists come together to harness a smile-worthy essence, pouring it into every drop—leaving listeners with that feeling of hope and comfort Ookay tweeted that he wanted to impart through “Be Ok.”

Give it a listen below!

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