‘Rainbow Brain’ out now, watch GRiZ’ new movie and listen to the album

On Thursday, Rainbow Brain The Movie aired live. Thousands of viewers tuned in to watch the culmination of many hours of work and collaboration. This album was quite the project, including artists like Cherub, ProbCause, and more. The movie features performances by GRiZ and his collaborators, with one song blending seamlessly into the next. Connected by mesmerizing visuals and smooth transitions, each song gets its chance to shine.

Fans flooded the comments, singing the praises of every new jam. Vibrant instrumentals and well-incorporated vocals melt into GRiZ’ classic sound—that unmistakably funky mix of saxophone and electronic deliciousness. The album itself is quite upbeat, and that energy is certainly present in the Rainbow Brain movie.

For much of the movie, GRiZ stands center, cloaked in lights and lasers—the blank, dark space around him stretching far beyond our computer screens and TVs—into another world. The floor beneath him glows periodically, casting a glow upon his face. He’s smiling, head up, arms bobbing and waving to the beat of his music in perfect carefree fashion. Here, the Rainbow Brain album comes to life. The featured artists take the stage and bring their own flavor to that signature GRiZ style. Everyone looks like they’re having a blast, just vibing to the music and enjoying the fully realized product.

“Rainbow Brain The Movie – An audio/visual experience that will transport you to the outer realms of your imagination.” Watch the full 55 minute Rainbow Brain movie below:

Listen to the album! Enjoy Rainbow Brain 🙂

Mallory Dwortz

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