MARINA, Unraveling the Patriarchy One Release at a Time

“Man’s World,” Marina Diamandis’ first single to be released from her upcoming project, is rocking the music world with some serious fiery female energy. She maintains that signature, sparkling pop sound to which her fans are so devoted, sprinkling in some seething social commentary to perch behind our teeth with every word we attempt to sing along (come on, I can’t hit all those notes). In a man’s world, from the Marina and the Diamonds era to this newer, sleeker image, MARINA is taking charge.

“Burnt me at the stake, you thought I was a witch/ Centuries ago, now you just call me a bitch.

Nurtured and cultivated by an all-female team, this newest song came to life after a tweet Diamandis posted last year. Following the success of her two-part album Love + Fear, she reached out to her millions of followers in an effort to connect with some talented female creatives. Together, they brought “Man’s World” to fruition– music video and all, “this story can only be told by women,” she wrote. This was certainly not in an effort to exclude, as while women were heavily involved in this project, Diamandis had a wide range of perspectives in mind, “The original idea for the song was to write a snapshot of how women and LGBTQ+ individuals have been subjugated and discriminated against throughout history going back to the Salem witch trials, where any person who was deemed abnormal or slightly alternative was singled out.” she told Vogue during an interview. Inspired by the marginalized and silenced, “Man’s World” was born, and released ironically close to this year’s highly volatile election.

Click here to read the full Vogue interview.

“Mother Nature’s dying/ Nobody’s keeping score/ I don’t wanna live in a man’s world anymore.”

The video adds another layer of beauty to the densely weighted message this song conveys. The serene, aesthetically pleasing imagery speaks to the Marina fans expect and love– an artist with a real eye for music as a visual experience. The video features people of diverse backgrounds and gender identities, outfitted in brightly colored, ever-shifting fabric and matching masks. This project is so grounded in the present moment– a time capsule of art and sociopolitical energy woven together by the purity and strength of Marina’s crystal clear vocals. The song and video stand as a testament to Diamandis’ power as an artist, as well as the force of the female spirit.

“Women are violets coming to light/ Don’t underestimate the making of life.”

As well as uplifting the voices of women through the production and release of this powerful song, MARINA is also actively promoting aspiring artists– posting fan art on Twitter, and promoting the creation of Marinazine, “a limited edition, physical zine that will accompany each single release,” as it says on her website. She poses the prompt “What does living in a ‘Man’s World’ mean to you?” and opens the floor to any and all submissions. Winners will be featured in the first edition of the zine– their poetry, photography, essays, and other artwork symbolizing something sacred– the first voices published in the debut Marinazine

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“So don’t punish me ’cause I’m not a man/ ‘Cause I’m not a man.”

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