September Single Spotlight: Aly & Aj and Chloe Bailey

Aly & AJ reveal a forthcoming deluxe version of A Touch of the Beat

Aly & AJ, the sister duo, released a new single which will be joining the deluxe version of their album, A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out and Then Into the Sun. They confirmed that deluxe edition will be released in 2022, right before they hit their tour dates.

“With this song, we really wanted to capture the yearning & anticipation that comes in the early stages of a relationship. Writing this song actually helped kickstart the process of creating our latest album. When we were thinking about a deluxe edition of ‘a touch of the beat…”

Aly & Aj to American Songwriter

Single overview:

“Get Over Here” is a sweet mix of an early 90’s indie band mixed with 80’s synth pop.

Chloe Bailey Releases Much Anticipated Single “Have Mercy”

After several weeks of teasing the single on all social media outlets, Chloe Bailey finally released “Have Mercy.”

The single seems to be getting lots of praise, some even going as far as to compare her to Beyonce. Beyonce is a mentor to Chloe and that can be the reason behind some of the similarities and comparisons. Not only that, Chloe also stated that she likes to pay homage to her favorites while also making her own voice known.

“I’m creating my own lane, as well as paying homage to the ones who have inspired me. It has been fun finding my voice.”

Chloe (Billboard.)

Have Mercy” is a visually stunning video. In the video, Chloe is a modern day version of Medusa preying on any man that crosses her path. Medusa being a seductress is also a pathway to explain the Chloe is fully embracing her own sexuality and making it known that she is indeed a grown woman who is proud of what she’s got.

Single Overview:

Chloe delivered a wonderful debut as a solo artist. She displayed her beautiful voice, while also demonstrating that she can rap and do pop singles. She isn’t limited to being a talented R&B artist. Chloe can definitely delve into other genres (and from what she’s confirmed – her upcoming album will have plenty more pop songs). The song is addictive with its catchy chorus and it will be almost guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days.

“It’s 90% done,” she says of the project, out on Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia, adding that she’s narrowing down the tracklist from about 50 songs. And while she says this project is “definitely more pop”

Chloe (Billboard.)


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