The Influence of House Music

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Originating from Chicago’s underground club culture in the early and mid-1980’s, house music has been one of the most influential sub-genres of dance music. We hear house music influence in a lot of contemporary music. Four to the floor beats with groovy bass-lines are home to house music. 

From Robin S’, “Show Me Love” to Sam Feldt’s, “Show Me Love,” classic house hits continue to get played out and get new twists. We hear classic vocal samples used over and over in modern dance tracks. 

Tiring? Not at all. That is how powerful house music is. This all started in Chicago. Being a Chicagoan myself, I am proud to be from a city where house legends Frankie Knuckles, Terry Hunter, DJ Pierre, and Lil Louis among many others built house music. 

Now that summertime is coming to an end, it is worth thinking about how house music shaped our summer experience. From concerts to festivals, and even local events, house music was there. A genre associated with the nightlife and underground set a foundation to represent dance music all over the world, night and day. 

Electronic dance music would not be what it is today if it weren’t for house music. 

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