Let’s Get Together at Home

by Julia Colasanti
#TogetherAtHome is possibly the most inspiring initiative to rise from the ashes of this dark time. The partnership between WHO and Global Citizen, an organization using music to drive world poverty relief, has brought fans into the homes of their favorite musical artists for intimate, virtual concerts. The concerts have featured big names like Jack […]

Orion Sun’s Highly Anticipated Debut Album, “Hold Space for Me” Is Finally Here

by Maddy Ipema
I first stumbled upon Orion Sun back in 2017 amongst the depths of the SoundCloud world. SoundCloud, at the time, was overloaded with mumble rappers slurring over static, low-quality beats. I felt as if I had gone dumpster diving and Orion Sun was the treasure that I emerged with. Her incredibly innovative sound was something […]

How to Fill Your Quarantine With Music

by marissabachrach
As weeks of quarantine progress to our avail, it’s easy to find yourself in bed, letting Netflix continue to play whatever show you’re binging for the fourth time. But, it’s important to try to keep sparking your creativity, whether it’s with a hobby or craft, an instrument or just being a music listener.  Many musical […]

“What Does Quarantine Time Mean for Artists and Fans?”

by Maddy Ipema
Due to festival and concert season, in general, being forsaken for the time being – it’s quite a disappointing and melancholy time for both artists and fans. Some of my friends saved for months for their concert tickets and it’s something they kept in the back of their mind at all times – they held […]

Kenny Rogers Leaves an Ace for Us to Keep

by Julia Colasanti
On March 20, 2020 we lost an icon, Kenny Rogers. I like to think he passed on a warm summer’s evening, on a train bound for nowhere, but alas there is always a suspension of disbelief in the “art mirrors life” theory. The three-time Grammy winner passed away at 81, leaving us with no response […]

Singing in Lieu of It All

by Julia Colasanti
Things seem uncertain right now and it is hard to know what to do or where to turn. Social distancing seems counterintuitive when the eerie feeling outside our doors warrants reassurance from one another. It is truly hitting everyone differently. For me, the air feels a little heavier and springtime is dragging its feet rather […]