Kanye West and Travis Scott Are Confronting the Erasure of African American History and Culture

by Maddy Ipema
Kanye West and Travis Scott have just joined forces with their brand new single, “Wash Us in The Blood.” This single is eliciting the wrath of the old Kanye in full re-birth: Is the radical, revolutionary Kanye back? Kanye West has made it known that he is a major Trump fan, yet Trump fans are […]

Royal & The Serpent Ignite a Stylized Freak-Out

by Julia Colasanti
Often in quarantine, I find myself yearning to rage dance naked in the chaos of a hyper-70s living room until the chandelier shatters. Luckily, Royal & The Serpent’s, “Overwhelmed,” shows me I’m not alone. Singer-songwriter Ryan Santiago makes her Atlantic Records debut with a single that pulls you into her ceaseless mind as it spins […]

Anderson Paak Wants You to Acknowledge That the People Are Rising

by Maddy Ipema
Anderson Paak has dropped a new single, “Lockdown,” and it begs the question – How is the world claimed to be in a state of “lockdown” while Black Lives are being taken and robbed every single day? The world cannot simultaneously be at a standstill while it is also on fire. The world cannot continue […]

Bring Your Favorite Festival Home This Year!

by Mallory Dwortz
This year is obviously a rough one for festivals. Fields that should be overrun by sweaty, tie-dye-wearing music lovers now lie empty– mud that was supposed to get stuck under our fingernails and matted into our hair waits patiently under a layer of grass. Next year guys, next year. Just because this festival season has […]

Phoebe Bridgers Impresses with Sophomore Album, “Punisher”

by Marissa Bachrach
Indie singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers came out with her sophomore album, Punisher, on Thursday, June 18. Originally, the album was due to come out on June 19, which was also the holiday Juneteenth. Bridgers tweeted on Thursday that she’d instead decided to release the album a day earlier in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. […]

Noname Is Officially Declared the New Vanguard in Single, “Song 33″

by Maddy Ipema
Let me make this clear, these are not diabolical diss tracks, but a mere dialogue that J Cole and Noname have unearthed within these two tracks that they have dropped, directed toward one another. Noname and J Cole are both incredibly influential artists – where both of their entire discographies represent and stand for justice, […]