Mac Miller, Are We Concerned?

by tiernj03
Mac Miller and Ariana Grande broke up and we know this. Should we be concerned? On the grand scheme, no – It’s just another Hollywood break-up. But on the not so grand scheme, yes.   IN CASE YOU MISSED IT In early May, the couple of two-ish years broke up and it was honestly saddening. […]

Protect Your Hearing with Eargasm

by Erin Riedl
Incase you didn’t know, concerts and music festivals are loud and, [without proper ear protection], can damage your hearing irreversibly.     Ryan Parry, the founder of Eargasm Earplugs, is attempting to combat this with an earplug that is both aesthetically pleasing, and does not distort sound. Parry began this company while in law school. The […]

Unearthed Audio Demonstrates Radiohead’s Elite Status

by Jesse Drake
Not long ago, a soundcheck dated from 2006 was uploaded to YouTube that shows the legendary-art rock band, Radiohead testing out different sounds before recording what was most likely a track on the album, “In Rainbows.”   Most wouldn’t guess that a soundcheck could sound like a hipster rock anthem, but here we are. It […]

Fun in the Sun with Mamby On The Beach

by Henry Netherland
Two summer break staples are going to the beach, and going to music festivals. So why not try both at the same time? This is exactly what the annual Chicago Music Festival, Mamby On The Beach is trying to accomplish. Located at, Oakwood Beach in Chicago, the festival features several outdoor activities including, yoga and […]

Five Acts You Should Be Paying Attention To

by David Gagnon
While we shouldn’t necessarily be out with the old, we should welcome the new with open arms. Some of these bands have already established themselves within their respective circles, while others have yet to put out an album. Nonetheless, these artists are the future and should be recognized as such.   Khemmis Formed in 2012, […]

To Rothbury We Go, to Lose Our Minds and Find Our Souls – Electric Forest 2018 Review & Photos

by Erin Riedl
John Muir once said, “Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”. From June 21 – 24, people from all walks of life gathered in Rothbury, MI for Weekend One of the eighth annual Electric Forest music festival. Before the festival gates officially opened, attendees used early arrival passes to set […]