Valee: A New Wave of Music

by Eric Hendrix
Music is not limited to a specific area or region, but it does frequently show up in certain places. Right now, the R&B world is using Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and LA as models in the making of music. One of the most unique sounds I’ve heard in rap comes from local Chicago rapper, Valee. […]

Family Business (SiR & D Smoke)

by Eric Hendrix
The new year has ushered in a season of music and with awards shows being just around the corner, it gets a little easier to overlook 2019. Two people that shouldn’t be overlooked when reviewing 2019 music are SiR and his older brother D Smoke. SiR is an Inglewood, CA based singer-songwriter, and producer signed […]

Breaking Out ‘The Box’

by Eric Hendrix
Music is constantly evolving. Most of the genres of music we listen to have been around for quite some time, but probably differ in sound greatly from earlier music classified in the same categories. This is a result of artist’s looking different places for influences. One artist that comes to mind is the up and […]

“I Disagree” Evolutionized Poppy

by Darlene Leal
Poppy‘s evolution from a viral YouTuber to a genre bending artist has been quite rapid. Poppy started off her career by making satirical videos on YouTube and identifying with the typical “bubblegum pop star.” Slowly, her content went from stating her name over and over for ten minutes to showing her singing chops. As her […]

Atmosphere’s Atmosphere

by Julia Colasanti
I enter Metro. A venue on Chicago’s North Side that looks like it used to be a swanky theatre until someone realized the acoustics were better suited for underground rock and tattooed bartenders. DJ Keezy spins as Atmosphere devotees begin to file in. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles and especially—ages. It’s a mixed […]

Mac Miller’s “Circles” Is the Rolling Credits to His Beautiful Existence

by Maddy Ipema
Mac Miller has come down and gifted the universe with a posthumous album almost two years after his tragic, unexpected death. As I die hard fan myself, I never thought I would ever hear another Mac album again; let alone an accompaniment to his last album, “Swimming.” His family took to Instagram last week to […]