New Releases from Subtronics, Louis The Child, & More—End of Summer Jams

Gravity- Slander, Subtronics, JT Roach

This powerhouse collaboration with Slander, Subtronics, and JT Roach brings the house. An intense mix of instrumentals and unique twists of beat and sound, “Gravity” has the weight and substance to match its name.

Colorblind (feat. Dayseeker)- Adventure Club, Nurko, Dayseeker

This new single features a slow, passionate build and emotional lyrics to match. “This one is suuuper special to us,” Adventure Club said on Twitter, “we hope you love it as much as we do.”

Treat You Better- Elohim

Elohim’s enticing vocals mix with a steady beat in this new single, “Treat You Better.” Fondly referred to as a labyrinth and journey (Elohim on Twitter), this new song has the passion and beat to get you dancing, singing, “whatever you need right now in this moment it is there for YOU!” 

hate you cuz i don’t (feat. Bea Miller)- Louis The Child

Louis The Child released a new single with Bea Miller. In typical Louis The Child fashion, the duo released another upbeat summer jam to serenade you during these last few warmer months. 

“We wrote this one with Bea over a year ago & it was really easy to create. Bea writes about things going on in her life & came in that day telling us about a situation with a boy so we just channeled that all into the lyrics.” –Louis The Child on Twitter

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