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After wiping his social media last year and going MIA, Grant Kwiecinski, also known as his stage name GRiZ, is back and better than ever.

Known for his funky-fresh, glitch hoppin’, sexy saxaphone tunes, he intertwines electronic, soul, and funk music together to create an identifiable sound that is one of a kind.

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Up until this month, it had been two years since GRiZ released a full album. Fans built up anticipation as he teased with releasing singles off the album, such as: I’m Good, It Gets Better (Feat DRAM), Find My Way (Feat Wiz Khalifa), Can’t Get Enough, and A New Day (Feat Matisyahu).

These tunes gave a great preview of the diversity GRiZ exhibit in his new album, “Ride Waves.”

In Ride Waves, GRiZ truly got back to his glitch hop roots, reflecting on previous albums like Rebel Era and Mad Liberation vibes while still keeping his brass-acoustic edge that makes him so unique.

Fans have been active in the comment section over Soundcloud and YouTube, praising that “HE’S BACK…. THE KING OF FUTURE FUNK!!” calling him a “Vibrational God,” and labeling it an entire new genre of “Gospel-Groove.”

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Features like, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa got this album more track traffic by appealing to hip-hop, undoubtedly a bigger audience. Lots of first time listeners were calling his music “Legendary,” and “Next level.”

Music publications and magazines have been all over the fresh record, High Times Magazine is calling it the perfect “Marijuana Meditation” album.

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But, Ride Waves is more than just an album of crazy awesome music. The message behind each song, and the entire album as a whole, projects social consciousness and provokes movement to change the negative to positive.

Addressing everything in his music from stress, to anxiety, hardships, and even gun violence in his tear jerking music video, A New Day (feat. Matisyahu), GRiZ takes these heavy topics and turns them into hopeful ones.

The lifting cascades, radical riffs and melodies, and truthful lyrics all come together to empower listeners to make a change.

“Music is so powerful, there’s maybe no better way to send that message.” Grant stated, in an interview with High Times.

What he wanted us to take away from the album was this:

“Take care of each other…You can’t do everything for all people all at once. But you can do something for somebody right now.”

And really, that’s all you need to make a difference.

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So, if you need a boost in your day, a smile on your face, or just feel like doing something positive for humanity; kick back & listen to “Ride Waves.”

And always remember folks: show love, spread love.

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