Deadbeats, Starting 2021 Right

Deadbeats has been busy kicking off the new year with a burst of unstoppable energy! With the label already dropping their first release of 2021, a “stunning DnB track that we all need to hear rn.” Titled, “Without You Near,” this track by DNMO and The Arcturians brings a powerful and poignant message to this gloomy winter season. Appealing to our shared experience and struggle with COVID-19, months of lockdown, and a disconnect from family/friends, this song has a heartfelt tug to it that pushes any listener into a deep reflection on the monster that was 2020.

“I dedicate this song to my family who I haven’t seen in almost a year & don’t know when I’ll get to again. Blast this one at full volume & have a bloody good cry for the ones you miss,” the young music producer (DNMO) Tweeted in regards to this latest release. This is a troubling reality many of us confronted (and are still battling) in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, so take DNMO’s advice, and don’t shy away from your weepy-eyed self as you give the first Deadbeats release of 2021 a careful, conscious listen.

But dry those tears because… did someone say house party?

Earlier this week, ZEDS DEAD hinted at a possible house party this weekend, tagging the Deadbeats label on Twitter and altering fans. It’s official, the boys blessed us with a Twitch party to give us a break from the already monotonous new year.

Watch the live stream here!

If you missed out, then stay tuned, because Twitter is aflutter with collaboration buzz. In an oddly cryptic post, Big Gigantic tagged both Deadbeats and Moody Good, saying “should we do… that thing… this week?” to which fans obviously replied “YES YES YES.”

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