New Albums for the Remainder of June!

While tours and festivals have gotten canceled, artists are still releasing music. Here’s four albums for you to look forward to the rest of June!

Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher

The 25-year-old indie artist has her second album out on June 19th. Following the release of her debut album, “Stranger in the Alps,” in September 2017, this album is highly anticipated. With three singles out including “Garden Song” and “I See You,” this album allows Phoebe to showcase her growth and strength as an artist.

New Found Glory – Forever + Ever x Infinity

The pop-punk band is releasing their tenth studio album on June 19th. The band had to push the album back due to COVID-19. The album follows a three-year break after releasing their 9th album back in 2017. The album has 15 tracks including the single, “The Greatest of All Time.” 

Remo Drive – A Portrait of an Ugly Man

The Minnesota rock band is releasing their third album with only one year separating it from their previous album. The band has released the two singles, “Star Worship” and “Ode to Joy 2.” The album has a 10 song tracklist.

Haim – Woman In Music Pt. III

The pop-rock group of sisters is releasing their third album on June 26th.  The album was set to release back in April but COVID-19 caused them to push back the release date. With some bonus tracks already released and three other singles like “The Steps,” the band has been giving fans a little taste for the future. 

While you may not get to experience live shows right now, check out some of these albums to get your music fix!

Mickayla Whitt

Mickayla is a Chicago based writer who loves to read, write, travel and help others let their artistic talents be recognized.

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