Chance the Rapper Is Bringing Back an Old Favorite

Chance the Rapper announced that he will be the host of the revamped version of “Punk’d.”

The new version will be accessible through “Quibi ” a new streaming service that is to debut April 2020. Quibi will be a mobile-first streaming platform with a focus on short-form content hence the name, which is the abbreviation for “quick bits.” All 20 episodes of the new season of Punk’d are expected to be released on its debut.

While on the red carpet at the Pre-Grammy Gala, Billboard asked Chance about the changes and differences that are coming with this newer season and Chance gave a short yet sweet response. Chance answered by assuring the viewers that everything is different because there are “no rules.”

“I have a good rapport with everybody, everybody’s my friend. So they don’t really get super mad at me after I do some crazy shxt to ’em…It’s a beautiful thing, it’s an awesome thing.”

Chance The Rapper to Billboard

Chance then added that one of his many victims is Offset. Going as far as to say that he “fuxked him up” and that Offset was very unhappy by his prank. He did not give much further information on who else was on the season but by the trailer, we know that Megan the Stallion is another one of his victims.
“Punk’d” Teaser Trailer with Chance the Rapper


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