Life After Death

Back on February 19th, the music world took a monumental loss when New York’s rising star Pop Smoke was murdered in Los Angeles, California. The rapper was staying in Hollywood Hills when according to TMZ, two masked men broke into his house and shot him multiple times in what is considered to be a robbery attempt.

Given the rapper’s unique sound and being that he was from New York, he drew a lot of 50 cent comparisons. 50 Cent and Pop Smoke even eventually shared a friendship/mentorship type of relationship. In the wake of Pop Smoke’s death, 50 Cent has made multiple statements about the effect the death has had on him and the music world alike.

In one of his most recent statements, 50 Cent has announced that he will A&R a posthumous album in his memory and he is even reaching out to some very big artists for help. He has reached out to Drake, Chris Brown, Roddy Ricch and more to help make the album a success. 50 Cent has even promised the artist’s mom that he will win an award for the album and take her to the show as Pop Smoke always hoped to do. Pop Smoke’s funeral was held on March 5th in Brooklyn, NY.

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  1. This loss hurt. I was unfamiliar with the artist, but to hear that he was killed in the safety in his home is heart breaking. My heart goes out to his family. The young man moved to the complete opposite side of the country and was killed in such a horrific way.

    I’m looking forward to the album by 50 Cent. It’s bittersweet; the album will commentate Pop-Smoke’s death, yet Pop Smoke was in his early 20’s.

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