Musicians Who Meditate

I know what you’re thinking: nice try Karen, did you also want to suggest some morning yoga and a hot cup of tea to cure my anxiety? But hear me out: The Beatles. Listening? Also, free stuff. That’s right, if you meditate you will become as talented as The Beatles and also get free stuff.* Let’s proceed- here are just a few of the many renowned musicians who are self-professed meditators. If anyone can make meditation cool, it’s these guys. 

The Beatles

That’s right. The whole lot of ’em. While the band had a tumultuous relationship with their meditation coach, controversial figure Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, they were strong advocates of the practice, and Paul and Ringo still meditate.

Mick Jagger

The notoriously debaucherous Rolling Stones frontman says he has traded in drinking for meditation as a regular method of relaxation.

Rick Rubin

I mean… this one is pretty obvious.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick has discussed how important it is for him to be alone with his thoughts and emphasized the importance of taking time to yourself in an otherwise chaotic environment.

Brian Wilson

The Beach Boys, like The Beatles, had their own tryst with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and got involved in Transcendental Meditation. Though never explicitly stated, there’s a popular theory that this may have inspired their song “Transcendental Meditation.”

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has said meditating changed her life, and regular meditation makes her feel more creative. She also shares the habit with ex-husband, actor, and general cool-guy Russell Brand.


Moby admits he was initially inspired to practice meditation after learning it was a habit of his hero, David Lynch. Since then, he has become such an advocate that last year he released an album exclusively to Calm, the meditation app. Because, as the wise say, if you truly believe in something, monetize it.


The “Disparate Youth” singer says her daily meditations increased her confidence and cured her writer’s block.


If you were concerned that you can’t balance meditation and your semi-psychotic on stage personality… rest assured, ya can!

In summary: Life is stressful. Especially right now, but also all the time, forever. Meditating is easy and cheaper than drugs. As for the promised free stuff, if this post has piqued your interest, head over to, where the unemployed can get a free year of guided meditation material (no, they’re not sponsoring this post).** I’m not gonna make you drink the Kool-Aid, but I’m just saying here’s a cup, it might be refreshing!

*Individual results may vary.

**But if you know anyone at Headspace, tell them they owe us one. 😉

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  1. There are a significant number of famous musicians and artists that have publicly said they practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. You have mentioned some of them. They include: Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, Mike Love, Rick Rubin, Sharon Isbin, Sting, Sheryl Crow, Meghan Trainor, Donovan, Kyle Nicolaides, Debra Harry, Omar Akram, Bette Smith, Tim Burgess, Lukas Nelson, Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Victor, Joe Russo and more 🙂

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