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Musicians of Twitch

by Jackson Red
If you’re as out of touch as I am, you may have been under the impression that Twitch, the live streaming service, is primarily for teenagers watching each other play Fortnight. But, as I’ve recently become aware, the Twitch community is actually incredibly diverse, and not only is the music community especially active, but, especially […]

5 Essential Resources for Aspiring Chicago Musicians

by Jackson Red
Artist Collective: Being a successful musician isn’t all about making music. Unfortunately, it’s also very much about people and community. Fortunately, Artist Collective has you covered on both fronts. AC has a wide array of resources for those interested in the music industry, whether it’s the music or the industry. Walkthroughs, mentorships, live training chats. […]

Mellow out With Louis Prince’s Thirteen

by Jackson Red
Things are tense. I won’t deny it, and I won’t undermine your very valid concern by advocating that you just need to relax (trust me, I know that has never actually worked). But no matter how the global panic is affecting you, I think plenty of us could use a cup of tea, a comfy […]

From 15 Minutes to the A-List: A Look Back at Doja Cat’s Magnum Opus

by Jackson Red
If you haven’t already heard of Doja Cat, well, I’ll refrain from commenting on the possibly subterranean condition of your abode and skip right to the introductions. Her real name is Amalaratna Dlamini and after 2.5 albums and a meteoric rise in 2019, it has handily achieved household status. By the looks of it, she’s […]

Beethoven’s Not Dead

by Jackson Red
(Technically Beethoven is very dead) Does Classical Music Have a Future? Anecdotally, it doesn’t look great. It has next to no presence on TikTok. The Grammy for the best classical album is presented at like 3 PM. The film industry, once a sanctuary for classical music, is increasingly turning to more mainstream pop artists for […]

Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats Team up for “UNLOCKED”

by Jackson Red
Denzel Curry recruited the prolific Kenny Beats for the production of his latest album “UNLOCKED,” released February 13. The collaboration is unique, splitting both spotlight and credit between rapper and producer, but the pair makes it feel effortless. Their forces are near equal and opposite, weight and counterweight tethered by a sturdy rope. Curry is […]