Open Mike Eagle Is a Business, Man

2020 had just a brief reprieve on Friday with Open Mike Eagle’s first release of the year single, “Neighborhood Protection Spell,” with Lana Del Biden Nem. 

With his hands on a laundry list of projects that include a show on Comedy Central, a podcast network he’s building from the ground up, and an independent record label he runs, it’s a wonder the Chicago native and renaissance man has had any time to grace us with music. Nevertheless, his label, Auto Reverse, is scheduled to release a full Open Mike album this fall.


Open Mike Eagle’s podcast with legend Prince Paul, brought to you by Stony Island Audio

His success hasn’t come without hard work. Earlier this summer, Mike spoke to Forbes about the release of his podcast network, Stony Island Audio, and took the chance to discuss the series of roadblocks and setbacks he’s run into in the process of being an independent artist and entrepreneur. Some of these frustrations are aired, or at least acknowledged, on Neighborhood Protection, lamenting, “Independence, I’m trying I’m just saying it’s expensive,” but there’s no trace of regret in his words. 

“They say pain is the way to redemption / Yeah, you want something safe, be a dentist.” 

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