Singing in Lieu of It All

Things seem uncertain right now and it is hard to know what to do or where to turn. Social distancing seems counterintuitive when the eerie feeling outside our doors warrants reassurance from one another.

It is truly hitting everyone differently. For me, the air feels a little heavier and springtime is dragging its feet rather than skipping the way it usually does.

As for music, large concerts and festivals are canceled, as well as smaller gigs, robbing local artists of their chance to finally shine. It seems like everything around us is trying to take our music, but this is actually a chance to be absorbed by it.

Lizzo offers flute, meditation and a mantra

Locking yourself in your shoebox apartment might feel like some kind of weird arrest, but it can also be used as a time to create, explore, and connect with others in a unique way that only our era presents.

So, when there’s nowhere to turn, turn on your speakers, crank up the volume and let the magic of music take hold. It improves mood, boosts health and has always had the power to unite people. Especially now, in a time of global uneasiness, the strength of music can beat the blues. It is the thread that has woven together families, cultures, religions, countries, and movements since the beginning of time. Because there is no playlist as personal as life itself.

“…there is no playlist as personal as life itself.”

Be inspired by all the ways we can sing positivity into life. In Italy, they’ve taken over the balconies rallying together behind one beating song. Let’s join them. If you’re a creative, use the quarantine to create. If you’re a friend, send uplifting songs to loved ones. If you’re a human, collaborate by adding any sound that makes you happy to my Spreading Positivity” playlist.

In the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” So, let’s chat.

Yo-Yo Ma offers a song of comfort

Julia Colasanti

A music-obsessed journalist, hungry to dive in on any and all genres.

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