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Royal & The Serpent Ignite a Stylized Freak-Out

by Julia Colasanti
Often in quarantine, I find myself yearning to rage dance naked in the chaos of a hyper-70s living room until the chandelier shatters. Luckily, Royal & The Serpent’s, “Overwhelmed,” shows me I’m not alone. Singer-songwriter Ryan Santiago makes her Atlantic Records debut with a single that pulls you into her ceaseless mind as it spins […]

Alicia Keys Chants the Chorus to This Moment

by Julia Colasanti
On Juneteenth 2020, Alicia Keys released a ballad to amplify the chants pouring through masks at every protest. “Perfect Way To Die” addresses police brutality by leading the listener through a narrative that is too often lived and ignored. “Simple walk to the corner store/Mama never thought she would be/Getting a call from the coroner/Said […]

Marc Rebillet’s Drive-In Tour

by Julia Colasanti
You might know him by his robe collection, the meaty beats he spins from his keyboard or the improvised music and cult-like following that’s made him a YouTube sensation. Now you can see him live. Marc Rebillet is in the midst of his Drive-In Tour captivating crowds with his niche mix of music and mustache. […]

The Music Industry: Vows, Pledges, Reflection, and Action

by Julia Colasanti
It feels odd writing about music when our nation is grappling with the systemic racism that it’s built upon. Right now, we should all turn off the music and reflect. Sit in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to think about the eternity of foundational cruelty, the countless lives stolen that weren’t captured on […]

Dola Is “Running in Place” as Mystery Dies

by Julia Colasanti
We’ve all caught ourselves doing it, swiping on dating apps in quarantine even though we’re not legally allowed to meet our possible suiters. To solve this dilemma, I take to stalking. By the time he responds to my cliché Bumble pick-up line, I’ve probably already seen his embarrassing middle school YouTube videos, I know his […]

Jam Through the Boredom

by Julia Colasanti
I spent my childhood watching the acoustic guitar crack in the corner next to the family piano that sang “Mary Had a Little Lamb” more out of tune each time I sat down at it. Our house was always filled with oldies we blasted from our speakers, but that corner by the piano became a […]