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Last Friday during an in-game concert being held by Travis Scott and Fortnite, Travis premiered a new song titled “The Scotts” featuring rapper Kid Cudi. The concert broke streaming records with a reported 12.3 million streams. The song’s name comes from the combination of the two artist names, given that Kid Cudi’s real name is Scott Mescudi. Although this is by far the two artists’ most anticipated collaboration, and it is far from their first.

Kid Cudi has been named by Travis Scott and many other artists as one of their influences. His music was always very experimental and genre lucid. He created his own sound in the world of Hip-Hop even though he was ridiculed at first, much like Travis Scott. This makes it no surprise that two have connected.

Kid Cudi and Travis Scott also have collaborated on “Through The Late Night,” “Baptized in the Fire,” “Stop Trying To Be God,” “Way Back,” and “The Morning.” The two artists even announced that going forward their duo would be called The Scotts. This would lead one to believe that there could be an album on the way from the artists.

The song is available on multiple streaming platforms including Travis’s own site. Go check it out!

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  1. This is a dope and innovated avenue to reach the fans. I believe Kid Cudi and Travis Scott are the first to release music on Fortnite (I could be wrong, please forgive me). The overall collaboration of all the entities was nothing short of genius. They combined one of the most popular artist (Travis Scott and well anticipated Kid Cudi) with on the most popular online games of our time (Fortnite). Both artists connected with their fans via video gaming platform. Also, some Travis Scott’s fans may look into Kid Cudi’s music and vice versa for Kid Cudi’s fans. This was a great move and shift. I love seeing brothers win.

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