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Kid Cudi Releases New Album, “Man On the Moon III: The Chosen”

by Maddy Ipema
Mr. Solo Dolo has been sending the same questions out into the earth, album after album, patiently waiting for an answer like – Am I just chosen to live a life spent in sadness? Kid Cudi has been categorized as an “emo rapper,” but Man On the Moon III: The Chosen sounds anything but a […]

The Scotts

by Eric Hendrix
Last Friday during an in-game concert being held by Travis Scott and Fortnite, Travis premiered a new song titled “The Scotts” featuring rapper Kid Cudi. The concert broke streaming records with a reported 12.3 million streams. The song’s name comes from the combination of the two artist names, given that Kid Cudi’s real name is […]

Check out These Five Movies and Their Incredible Soundtracks

by Marissa Bachrach
In the midst of the Midwestern winter most of us are experiencing, it doesn’t seem uncommon for weekends and days off to be spent inside binging Netflix. I have definitely been finding myself staying in for movie nights way more often, and I’ve found myself more intrigued by scores and soundtracks than usual. It started […]

20 Reasons Why Las Vegas Is The Place To Be New Year’s Weekend

by KenzieInTheCut
Choosing the perfect location to bring in the new year may be the hardest decision you make in 2016.  But if you are 21+ the search for the perfect NYE celebration is over!! Las Vegas is known for it’s night life and their show list for the last weekend of 2016 is a perfect example.   1. […]