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Kanye West and Travis Scott Are Confronting the Erasure of African American History and Culture

by Maddy Ipema
Kanye West and Travis Scott have just joined forces with their brand new single, “Wash Us in The Blood.” This single is eliciting the wrath of the old Kanye in full re-birth: Is the radical, revolutionary Kanye back? Kanye West has made it known that he is a major Trump fan, yet Trump fans are […]

Anderson Paak Wants You to Acknowledge That the People Are Rising

by Maddy Ipema
Anderson Paak has dropped a new single, “Lockdown,” and it begs the question – How is the world claimed to be in a state of “lockdown” while Black Lives are being taken and robbed every single day? The world cannot simultaneously be at a standstill while it is also on fire. The world cannot continue […]

Noname Is Officially Declared the New Vanguard in Single, “Song 33″

by Maddy Ipema
Let me make this clear, these are not diabolical diss tracks, but a mere dialogue that J Cole and Noname have unearthed within these two tracks that they have dropped, directed toward one another. Noname and J Cole are both incredibly influential artists – where both of their entire discographies represent and stand for justice, […]

Spillage Village Drops Apocalyptic New Single, “End of Daze”

by Maddy Ipema
Spillage Village is back with a brand new single, “End of Daze,”  as well as teasing a new album to come soon into fruition. Spillage Village is a musical group that was founded by the iconic, dynamic duo Earthgang, who hail from Atlanta and are also members of Dreamville. Spillage Village’s other members consist of […]

BLACK LIVES MATTER: A Playlist for The Black Revolution

by Maddy Ipema
This is a playlist in solidarity with The BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement, a soundtrack to the Black Revolution all composed of Black Artists using their art and voices to speak on the Black Experience in America. These artists have dedicated their craft towards enacting change, speaking their truth, and inspiring and pleading America to rise […]

Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist’s New Album, “Alfredo” Is The Soundtrack to The Black Revolution

by Maddy Ipema
Rapper Freddie Gibbs has just dropped a brand-new album, Alfredo, in collaboration with producer, The Alchemist. Gibbs’ last album, Bandana, that dropped back in 2019 showed him tag-teaming with notorious producer Madlib who is known to have quite a fantastical, mystical quality to his beats. Madlib was the perfect paradox to Gibbs’ more hard-demeanor in […]