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Orion Sun’s Highly Anticipated Debut Album, “Hold Space for Me” Is Finally Here

by Maddy Ipema
I first stumbled upon Orion Sun back in 2017 amongst the depths of the SoundCloud world. SoundCloud, at the time, was overloaded with mumble rappers slurring over static, low-quality beats. I felt as if I had gone dumpster diving and Orion Sun was the treasure that I emerged with. Her incredibly innovative sound was something […]

“What Does Quarantine Time Mean for Artists and Fans?”

by Maddy Ipema
Due to festival and concert season, in general, being forsaken for the time being – it’s quite a disappointing and melancholy time for both artists and fans. Some of my friends saved for months for their concert tickets and it’s something they kept in the back of their mind at all times – they held […]

“Willow Smith and Tyler Cole Are Surrendering to the Anxiety of the World”

by Maddy Ipema
The current state of fear seems to be engulfing and sweeping the nation overnight. The anxiety of the world is something that just seems unavoidable and everyone is feeling it – whether we are worrying about the deadly pandemic, the political climate, or the future of planet earth – fear is in the air. However, […]

“Jhene Aiko Is Transforming Her Music Into Meditative Sound Healing”

by Maddy Ipema
R&B sensation, Jhene Aiko has been known for her spiritual and harmonious energy that she brings to her music. Aiko, who channels her heartbreak and grief into music as a means to heal herself, is now extending those same healing powers to her fans. She’s been drawn to the way in which certain sound waves […]

Princess Nokia Embraces Her Inner Child on “Everything Is Beautiful”

by Maddy Ipema
“Everything is Beautiful” is Nokia’s fourth studio album and juxtaposes her previous project, “Everything Sucks,” in every sense of the word. Nokia has proven her sound is influenced by many different genres from her various experiences growing up in the New York City music scene – from thrashing around in punk-mosh pits to spitting over […]

Brent Faiyaz’s “Fuck the World” Is a Retaliation to the Search for Meaning”

by Maddy Ipema
Brent Faiyaz seems to be in a “Fuck the World” type of energy when it comes to seeking clarity from the many unanswered questions that he is asking on his new album. Faiyaz, who has a sweet, tangy bravado to his voice, proves on this new full-length album that he is also able to master […]