Lizzo Is Bringing the Juice with Her Debut Album

I first heard about Lizzo last summer when I saw she was coming to Lollapalooza. She was playing Tito’s stage and she had gathered quite a large crowd. All you heard is screams as soon as she got on stage.

Lizzo is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and flutist. You can see her flute skills on Instagram and they’re quite impressive. She doesn’t just bring these talents but brings a voice for women all around to feel empowered and sexy. She radiates positivity and is challenging the image of a pop star in the industry.

Before releasing her debut album Cuz I Love You, she released two singles: ‘Tempo’ ft Missy Elliot, and ‘Juice.’ She has been releasing singles since 2014 and her time has come to give us a full album.

Juice’ proved to be a hit as it was her first single to hit the Billboard charts. Lizzo brought back an 80’s vibe that made you want to get up and dance and the music video showcased just that.

Her debut album Cuz I Love You features eleven tracks. Ranging from dance party vibes to slow ballads having you in your feels. Her range in voice allows her to experiment with sound bringing a uniqueness that has been missing in the industry.

“For a long time, I didn’t want to be that big black girl with a soulful voice, That’s how we were tokenized—the big black girls were always the belters, and I’ve always been afraid of being put into that box…I started to embrace how good I can finally sing, and now I’m celebrating that.”

Lizzo says in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Celebrating indeed. The album itself is a story of self-love and acceptance, and when I think of Lizzo, I see confidence, power, and self-acceptance. This is what she radiates and can definitely be seen in her music. When we learn to love ourselves nothing can stop us. ‘Like a Girl’ is the anthem to woman all around the world. I am here, and I am fierce, this is what you’re reminded of as Lizzo sings “Do your thing, run the whole damn world.”

Lizzo brings different genres such as R&B in ‘Better in Color,’ pop in ‘Exactly How I Feel’ ft. Gucci Mane, a trap feel in ‘Tempo’ ft. Missy Elliot, and soul in her ballads, ‘Jerome,’ and ‘Cry Baby.’ There something new to expect in each track, you’ll never be bored when listening to this album.

Overall, I think this album is the beginning to catapulting her to more success. She has the thrive and ambition to achieve that. This album is definitely in my top 10 favorite for the year.

Stream ‘Cuz I Love You”


I am a student at UIC studying Communications and Music. Started singing and playing instruments when I was in high school and fell in love. I love going to concerts and talking to people about music.

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