Why You Should Try Going to A Rave!

When I surveyed my college classroom, over 50% of people associated the term ‘rave’ with something  along the lines of, “Crazy party where everybody gets high.”

Unfortunately that’s what the media portrays it to be, but in all reality drugs and music have been lifelong dance partners. I really want to resolve this misconception because those who truly love the scene know there’s something more to it than that.   

What makes EDM so special isn’t the craziness or the drugs; but the it’s the environment it creates.

What consists of this environment life, you may wonder?

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PLURR is more than an acronym, the environment of a rave and the credo ravers stand by.

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      1. PEACE
        • Peace comes when you experience that moment of “Wow, I truly wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.” You know what I’m talking about, it’s is a priceless feeling.
      2. LOVE
        • Love is everything from being welcoming and appreciative of complete strangers, to leaving your perfect spot in the crowd because your friend has to pee. Treating others how you want to be treated is the key to finding love.
      3. UNITY
        • Unity means we’re all share something. It might not be our age, our color, or our background; but what we all do share is this moment. Raving helps you focus on the now, and in this day and age, becoming more present is important as ever
      4. RESPECT
        • With a strong sense of community comes respect. “I don’t belong in you, you don’t belong in me” is one of my favorite sayings about respecting others’ differences. You are not there to impress anybody, and nobody is there to impress you, so all there’s left to do accept and respect.
        • Be responsible for your actions, words, and to your body. Yes, alcohol and drugs are apart of this scene, which I’ll get to in a second. If you choose to partake you, that doesn’t mean you suddenly aren’t responsible for your actions and words. Be responsible, know your limits, and look out for each other.
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2) It’s a place to be yourself

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Raves are a judge-free zone, that is ironically constantly getting judged! Unlike this hypercritical world raves are a place where expressing yourself is valued. Dress how you want, dance how you want.  You don’t have to worry about doing anything ‘right’ because anything is right.

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When was the last time you stopped worrying about the way you present yourself around people? Nowadays, it seems we are always putting on a front depending on who we are surrounded by. Raves are a place where you can completely drop the facade and just be yourself. Be weird, be sporadic, be loud, be proud, be you & people will love it.

3) It’s a place to boost your happiness

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It is scientifically proven that music is directly linked to happiness! When the  Australian Unity Wellbeing Index anonymously surveyed 1,000 participants, the findings revealed that engaging with music led to higher self well being than for those who did not.

Also, individuals attending can get high on the music alone! A study done by McGrill University in Canada proved that music actually releases dopamine in our brain. The same chemical we get when we satisfy our basic needs.

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4) It’s a place to make new friends!

By being apart of something bigger, you are now connected to so many individuals. You have an excuse to go up and talk to anybody, and anybody has an excuse to talk to you. It may sound extremely extroverted, but meeting new people is apart of life. It opens so many doors to new memories, new opportunities, and new relationships.

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Who knows, you may meet the love of your life, I know I did! My boyfriend and I met 2 years ago when I was surrounded by an uplifting energy acting outrageously myself. It’s never been ‘weird’ because he already saw the real me from the very first day. 

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I understand why people have hesitations, and I get this isn’t for everyone, but you guys I promise that if you attended one of these events you wouldn’t regret it. I’ve brought many first-timer’s, I’d be more than honored to take you to your first one, cause every single one has left with a euphoric look on their face. One person actually said to me, “A place like this actually exists?” And that spoke volumes me. There’s a reason why people are so passionate about this scene;

In a violent world exists a place of peace.

In a judgmental world exists a place of love.

In a divided world exists a place of unity.

And in a cruel world, exists a place to respect.

Your mind and heart would be opened to a different way of life, and even if it wasn’t your thing, you still get an experience of a lifetime.

I hope you consider seeing what all this hype is about!


All the love,

Katy Clark

Hey! I'm Katy and I'm from Madison, Wisconsin. I enjoy long walks on the beach and bass in my face. I LOVE all genres of EDM and will rave to my grave.

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