Bringing Us “Together At Home”

Yesterday Global Citizen streamed a conglomeration of support for healthcare workers and the World Health Organization. Broadcasting worldwide, eight hours of music and information filled the networks and streaming services across continents in a concert entitled…

One World: Together At Home

Featuring virtual performances by Billie Eilish, the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, and SO MANY MORE, this live stream shed a beaming light on frontline healthcare workers and the importance of the WHO. This grand virtual concert, while very informative and focused on the grim situation at hand, reached out in an effort to uplift the public, especially those who are still going to work Every. Single. Day.

And… Lady Gaga was an integral part of the organization process, helping to curate artists and put everything together. The success of the event was astounding, and Global Citizen took to Twitter to show us the true power of #TogetherAtHome.

Don’t worry if you missed it!

The Global Citizen website offers information on how to watch, no matter where you live, and also links the WHO website if you want to contribute to their efforts.

Can’t sit down and watch the whole concert? No problem!

There’s also a digital live stream and Spotify playlist including yesterday’s performers, so you can pop them in your ears while you work from home!

Here is the link to donate!
Here is the link to watch!

Mallory Dwortz

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