Mac Miller Dead at Age 26

Crushing news comes out of California today as rapper Mac Miller has reportedly overdosed.

It was just weeks after his fifth album, Swimming debuted that a friend of his called the authorities to come to the San Fernando Valley Home. When authorities arrived to the scene they pronounced Miller dead, he was 26 years old.

This wasn’t an inevitable situation. On the contrary, this is surprising beyond all belief. Miller had been more active in his last couple of weeks, than he had been during most of his career. He constantly urged followers on Instagram to “get outside and enjoy the day, be present in the day.”

In a previous article, we stated some of the actions Miller was taking after his breakup with Ariana Grande, and it should have drawn some hints of unusual behavior. Aside from the fact that he uploaded videos daily of himself working out. Physically he looked great, more fit than ever. No clues or warning signs were prevalent, yet the unthinkable happened… I guess no one really knew how heartbroken he was.

We don’t know how and that is an eternal question. If you see somebody struggling you must act, it’s crucial: help your friends, help your loved ones, this nonsense is unbearable.

The Miller family has not yet said anything. Ariana Grande has not yet said anything. Wiz Khalifa came out in support of the Miller family on Twitter, along with several other artists, and fans.


This is horrible, horrible news, and is a heart breaking shock to the music community.

Rest In Peace, Mac… we’ll miss you.

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