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“Life Is Good” and Changing up the Vibe

by Jackson Red
If you’ve listened to Drake and Future’s new song, “Life Is Good,” then you’re probably already thinking “Song?” You mean those two songs that share a title and a music video and a release date?” And I’d agree, you have a good point. It feels less like one cohesive track, and more like two loosely […]

Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” is a Recipe For Indigestion

by Mari Rose
With a new year comes new subpar pop songs that’ll infest any club, party, or TikTok video. Enter “Yummy,” the first single from Justin Bieber in over four years, released on Jan. 3. “Yummy” is Bieber’s lazy attempt of crafting a pop number peppered with subdued R&B beats, and the end result sounds like someone […]

Billboard Songs of the Summer Review

by Ben LaScola
     As July came to a close, many of the summer’s biggest songs had already been released. Billboard provides a way for music fans to keep up with the erratic trends of pop music.      Along with famed music charts like the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard 200, Billboard releases a Songs […]

The story of Drake and Pusha-T

by tiernj03
The story of Drake and Pusha-T stems long, long ago; to the age of Bape and who wore it first, and wait, was Drake ever really involved anyway?   Facts Pusha-T and his brother, Malice aka No Malice, were once a duo by the name of “Clipse,” they attained moderate success until the year 2000. […]

20 Reasons Why Las Vegas Is The Place To Be New Year’s Weekend

by KenzieInTheCut
Choosing the perfect location to bring in the new year may be the hardest decision you make in 2016.  But if you are 21+ the search for the perfect NYE celebration is over!! Las Vegas is known for it’s night life and their show list for the last weekend of 2016 is a perfect example.   1. […]

4 Things From Summer 2015 We Want More Of

by Kane McLoughlin
The 2015 summer was arguably one of the best. Lollapalooza only rained out at the end of the last night, we watched in awe as Foo Fighters’, Dave Grohl broke his leg in Sweden during a concert and finished said concert while sitting in a chair high on painkillers, and we continue to see Taylor […]